Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please Spell Check Your Spell Check

So I'm sitting here looking at the 1010 WINS news site, and I see that the spell check monster has struck again. That is the creepy horrible beast who has managed to convince millions of people that if Spell Check says it, it's got to be right. The result today was a headline saying: Man Arrested in Grizzly Double Murder.

Well, immediately I wondered why on earth he'd been arrested for murdering bears, even though I know perfectly well that unless you're a foaming at the mouth animal rights activist, the word "murder" is normally reserved for something done to human beings. But of course, it was only the Spell Check curse again - what was meant was "grisly."

I will say it once more, even though it will, I know to my sorrow, fall on deaf ears. DICTIONARIES. There are these handy books of words, all nicely alphabetized, people, and you should use them. There are even dictionaries online. "Grizzly" is a bear. "Grisly" is awful, horrible. As in, the ignorance of the English language in this country is GRISLY.

Love, Wendy

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SaintTigerlily said...

...or...people who make mistakes like that should be eaten by grizzly bears?