Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Well, I made it through last week. I finished up my transcription job on Thursday, and Monster.com wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...at least I kept getting little things to do while sitting down...a distinct plus.

Then I trotted off to Brooklyn to eat Shai's wonderful food - which somehow involved me in eating pig's ears, something I assure you it would NEVER have occurred to me to do on my own. Actually, they're quite interesting - crisp and chewy simultaneously. I enjoyed them. And I was VERY happy with the venison sauce for the pasta and and the bread pudding for dessert.

Then I did absolutely nothing all weekend, and lots more nice nothing on Monday...no, I take that back. I went out to the ATM on Monday to deposit my Ugly Betty check.

Today was registering people for a meeting (American Heart Association - doing this sort of thing always makes me feel guilty when I sneak out for a cigarette) at the Millennium Hotel over by the UN, which was another pleasant day...and we even got out early while being paid for the whole shift.

And now (so far, at any rate), I have absolutely nothing else to do until this coming Sunday, when I start six days at the dear old Javits Center. Ugh. This means I have to go out and buy an insulated lunch bag and lots of sandwichy type things, it being impossible to eat at the Javits...I mean, you CAN eat there, but you'd be an idiot. I believe I mentioned somewhere in these pages that they once wanted to charge me $2 for a banana. Yeah, riiiggghhht. So packing food for the day is a necessity, because the only other option is the hot dog wagon in front of the place and really, how many hot dogs can one eat?

And I finally took my beautiful new television (i.e., the one in the den that's been Joshua's pet all this time) out for a test drive. Wow. I haven't watched anything on it before for the eminently simple reason that there's been nothing on TV I wanted to watch, me not really being a television person. However, tonight they were showing the Zeffirelli Taming of the Shrew with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, which I just love...Zeffirelli made two Shakespeare films, Shrew and Romeo and Juliet, and they're both absolutely spectacular. The Romeo and Juliet actually had a (roughly) 17 year old Romeo (Leonard Whiting) and a 15 year old Juliet (Olivia Hussey), and it was glorious (done in the 60's, as I recall). But the Shrew is just enormous knockabout fun, so I sat happily in the den with my huge damn TV and sang along with Shakespeare. You can do this if, like me, you have actually played Kate in Shrew - boy, was THAT fun. I was way too old for it, but my baby faced looks helped, and besides, the whole point is that Kate's been hanging out a fair amount of time waiting to get married off. I had a 23 year old Petruchio who was 6'3", which made the fight scenes even funnier, given that I'm 5'3". Therefore, he could just pick me up with one hand and sling me around - I went heavily padded during rehearsal, I assure you!

My trustee has lost his tiny mind...he wants me to sell the house now. There are several things wrong with this. First is the fact that the rest of it needs cleaning. Second, the whole thing needs painting...including the floors in the living room and my room. And finally, he has completely neglected to remember that people aren't buying houses with the holidays coming up, and that I have 15 or 20 people coming for Thanksgiving, 15 or 20 people turning up on Christmas Eve, and my mother-in-law coming for Christmas...oh, yeah, and I open in a one-woman show after the 1st of the year for which I have to learn 17 pages of script. He also seems to think that working for a living shouldn't be my first priority right now. I don't think he understands how unemployment works, because of course I can't turn down jobs, and besides that, since I use my social security every month to pay bills, what does he expect me to live on if I'm not getting unemployment?

Oh, well - I'm sure I can clean, paint, and everything else while learning lines and working, right? Of COURSE I can.

Love, Superwoman (otherwise known as Wendy)

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