Wednesday, November 4, 2009


How nice for me. I have achieved a dream I assure you I never had - that of running around New York and environs all day on public* transportation. I think today is going to be my new favorite nightmare.

My day started when I leaped joyfully out of bed...oh, okay, crawled resentfully out of 4:15 this morning to make it to the Wall Street 2 set in Williamsburg by 7 am. So. Dressed (in my summer damned clothes) and made up, I got a taxi to the West 4th Street station, where I hopped the F train. The F train took me to Delancey, where I changed to the J train. This dropped me right at holding on Marcy Avenue, and I must say that it's a quite lovely ride. The J goes over the Williamsburg Bridge, so this morning I saw the beginnings of sunrise there. Gorgeous.

I then endured the shoot, which was NOT in a nice heated subway car but right out on the cold, cold street. I was glad I was wearing a pale blue shirt, because it was an absolutely perfect match for my skin after a while. And then, weirdly, we got wrapped at 10:15 this morning! VERY of the other background people said it hadn't happened to him in 30 years of background work.

I decided to go over to my temp agency where I'm doing the transcriptions, because I was due in there tomorrow anyway, and this way I got a head start on the thing and I won't feel so pressured tomorrow. This involved taking the very convenient J train again, which goes directly to Broad Street - exactly where I needed to be. So I worked there until 3. Then it was off to the 2 line to Chambers Street, the 1 to Christopher Street, and the crosstown M8 bus...and home.

If you're counting, that's four separate subways, making (since I took one subway twice) five subway rides, one taxi and one bus. If I ever have to do a day like this again, I'm hiring a car and driver. I am exhausted. And I know it shouldn't count if I just transfer from one train to the next, but I feel like counting it. So there.

Tomorrow I am taking the bus into the temp agency like a civilized human being, by God. Lord, how I hate subways.

And it looks like I AM going out to dinner Friday night. Tiger Lily told me I am.

And now, it being 8 pm, and my day having started at 4 am, I am going to I can get up at 5 tomorrow and get an early start on that damn transcription, which has to be done by the end of tomorrow. And then, oh, joy...I get on Friday. Somebody damned well greet me at the door of that dinner party with a six pack of tall Budweisers.

Love, Wendy

*It is now Thursday, Re-reading this blog today made me realize that I had originally written "pubic" transportation. Oops.

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