Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All The Bobby Pins In The World

I tell you, if I keep doing these costume days, I'm never going to need to buy another bobby pin as long as I live. I've just picked about 20 of them out of my hair.

From which you will gather that I am home from another bruiser of a day on Boardwalk Empire. The damn fools didn't put the call times or bus info on the hotline until about a quarter past 11 last night, and then I couldn't sleep, so I'm absolutely dead.

So. 96th and Broadway for a 10 am bus to White Plains, into costume, into hair, into makeup...and then sit and sit and sit until finally going to the set at about 4:30. They clocked us out at Grand Central at 10:30 PM.

Honestly, I sometimes think movie people are all nuts. We were all trussed up in our waist cinchers, and pinned up in our 1920's hairdos, and made up to look completely natural by about 12:30 - 1 pm. Then we sat on our asses until lunch was called at 4 pm - then we started all over again with the hair and makeup touchups because of course the heat had wilted the hairdos and we'd eaten off (and sweated off) half the makeup. Somehow this seems madly inefficient to me.

Ah, well. A nice 10 hour day with the new rates, anyway...and, in common with many others, I had a refreshing nap on set. Well, the camera was looking in the other direction for about an hour there while we sat at the swearing in of a bunch of new FBI agents. We were supposedly the friends and family of said new agents. Personally, if a friend or member of my family were to become an FBI agent I'd disown him or her, but needs must if one is going to act. So I sat there (after I woke up and they started filming us instead of whatever the camera had been looking at before that) looking just as pleased as punch about the whole thing, while sweat was soaking my waist cincher and damn near every other stitch I was wearing.

Now I'm going to sleep, since I got about 4 hours last night.

Joshua has a pinched nerve in his back, which of course prevents him from doing anything at all except eating and sleeping. If anyone's counting, I believe this is illness number 17,689.

Love, Wendy

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