Thursday, July 2, 2009


Something has just struck me. I've been sort of watching all the Michael Jackson hoopla (you try to find a way to avoid it). And we're actually getting clear pictures of the children now - without the masks and bodyguards and what all with which they normally appear.

Perhaps there's something I don't know about genetics...there's probably quite a lot I don't know about genetics, notwithstanding the Mendelian chart I had to do in high school. You remember that...two brown eyed people can't have a blue eyed child and all of that. Although actually they can, I think.

The point is that looking at those kids, it doesn't seem to me that there's any possible way they could be Jackson's children at all. And finally, the papers are saying that the sperm might have come from his doctor or somebody. But really, people...before all that plastic surgery and skin bleaching, Michael Jackson was BLACK. Or Negro. Or African-American. Or however you want to say it. His family is BLACK. They have Negroid features - that's not a slur, guys, it's the proper scientific term, so don't yell at me. Negroid, Caucasian, Asiatic...that's the way it's referred to in various scientific studies. But those kids do not have one single feature that looks anything but white bread Anglo-Saxon. This is a physical impossibility. You can have all the surgery and bleaching you like, but it's all outward appearance. It doesn't have anything to do with your basic genetic makeup.

And it brings up another few points. If those kids weren't fathered by Jackson, wouldn't he have had to legally adopt them? Given the completely insane level of scrutiny surrounding his death, wouldn't someone have found adoption papers by now? I have a suspicion that even if you use a surrogate and a sperm donor and pay them both and get them to sign whatever sort of agreement you might sign in a setup like that, you would have to legally register the whole thing somehow so the kids could get Social Security numbers and passports.

I'm just asking...

Love, Wendy

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