Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Shopper In The World

I have been looking for business suits. On the face of it, this would seem somewhat odd, since I'm no longer engaged in anything remotely akin to business...and besides that, nobody wears business suits to business any more anyway. However, the movies and TV, in their own little dream world as always (see previous post), insist on proper business attire whenever they film an office scene - and the only business suits I currently own are A. a bright red one which I can't wear because it stands out too much, and B. a black one which I don't think is all that suitable because it has a (very flattering) slit in the skirt. Oh, yeah, and a pink tweed one which is too light colored to make a movie costumer happy.

So I've been dreaming about enough money to go and spend on suits. Yesterday I went over to The New York City Opera thrift store on East 23rd, mainly to see about evening gowns, which some scenes also require. But finding an evening gown for me is damn near impossible because I don't, at this moment, feel that my upper arms are ready for the light of day. And the only kind of evening dress you can usually find like that is a mother of the bride outfit in beige with sequins.

However, there was a Goodwill next to the NYC Opera store, and I poked my nose in there...and lo and behold. This is evidently a Goodwill where they cater to ladies returning to the work force from welfare or something, because there were tons of suits. And I found a classic navy crepe shawl collared skirt suit for - drum roll - $25. Perfect condition, perfect fit.

Evidently my luck carried over to today, because I went to 6th Avenue and 18th to look for a pale blue shirt to go with my navy suit...I don't know what the hell happened to my nice tucked front blue shirt. Well, no shirts to be found anywhere - but good old Housing Works on 17th had a sale...and I scored a beautiful charcoal gray Eddie Bauer classic pants suit - perfect fit, perfect condition - for (trumpet blare because the drum isn't good enough) - $11.25. You read it right. Eleven dollars and twenty five cents.

I even bought a bathing suit today (sale at Old Navy) because my old one is about to lose its seat altogether from old age. Since there are no one piece bathing suits in the world any more unless you want to pay a hundred bucks (which I don't because I so rarely get near water other than in the shower), I went for a tankini - it's bright red with a bright red and bright purple bottom. Thank God it's for use in France, where nobody gives a damn what you wear...and so many people go topless or everythingless anyway. I figure if you can't hide the elephant, paint it pink.

Hey, can I shop or what?

Love, Wendy

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