Friday, June 26, 2009

Report to Saint Tiger Lily

I knew there was something else I had to say about this evening, and the thought of another comment from the Tiger Lily on the subject brought me to my senses.

I started out for 122nd and Riverside Drive quite early, since I was going by HopStop directions for the bus (remember, I HATE subways and only take them when I have no alternative). So I duly got myself to the #5 Limited and settled in for the long ride up to my destination.

I got there, found Riverside Church, but found absolutely no method of getting into the place. And by this time, the sky and the wind were getting really serious about this whole thunderstorm notion and a few drops had started to fall...big, fat, thunderstorm coming sort of drops. So, since Riverside Church seems to be under some sort of renovation, I took refuge on the church steps under the scaffolding, under which I (naively, as it turned out) thought I would stay dry.

Then it rained.

Good Lord. The rain was sheeting horizontally across Riverside Drive, and the sky was totally lit up, and the thunder was shaking the scaffolding...which leaked humongously. It was one HELL of a thunderstorm. And of course I got rather wet, because everything around that church seems to leak (perhaps the reason for all that construction).

But boy, what a wonderful storm!

Love, Wendy

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SaintTigerlily said...

Hurrah! Finally! Some stormage for the lady!