Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, let's see. I left off on Friday, after Caesar's ghastly show.

Saturday I hauled myself out to Queens for Margot's beer bash. Wow, that Studio Square is some damn BIG beer hall. It must cover an entire city block. Huge indoor spaces, enormous outdoor space (with glorious ashtrays! Yay!). But of course, the food was always seems to be in these places. I think they should start importing German beer hall chefs, because I keep hearing/reading about the wonderful wurst and whatnot at Oktoberfest in Berlin and other German locations. Actually, that would be a pretty good name for a beer hall with decent food...Wonderful Wurst and Whatnot. At least the Germans might understand the necessity of WARM BUNS, for God's sake. There is nothing worse than hot food on a bun that just came out of the icebox.

And of course, it rained...I had an umbrella with me (given this past month's weather, I feel I should have had it surgically implanted somehow), but everybody got soaked. Then we all shook off the water and went back to serious drinking. (I just inadvertently wrote that as "serious drunking." That too.)

Sunday was Gay Pride. The parade was really not up to standard this year, although I did get to see The Apple Corps, my all time favorite marching band, and a few lovely ladies, as it were, in feathers and spangles. But there was LOTS and LOTS of the parade, and somehow by the time it got to us at its end on Christopher Street, the timing had been thrown off, so that there was what felt like 20 minutes between one group and the next. And it gets more political every year, which I suppose it really should, but I miss the old days of fabulousness...give me sequins and feathers over signs any old day. Anyway, Sarah and I eventually got bored with the long waits and the politicians and went to the fair and ate. Then I went home and took a nap and then went down to the end of the block to watch the fireworks, which WERE fabulous. And next weekend the 4th of July! And thanks to Sarah, I've got a party to go to so I don't have to do the crowds at the pier...I don't usually bother with the 4th of July (mainly because of the crowds and the difficulties of getting home from the East Side when there are no taxis and every bus is jammed with other fireworks watchers), but they're doing them in the Hudson this year.

Obviously, I took the day off today...I rarely party for three days in a row and I was tired. And lo and behold, who should call but dear Grant Wilfley Casting, to get me out to White Plains tomorrow to put on my (God help me) waist cincher again for another day on Boardwalk Empire! And I got a check from The Bounty - and since we got a raise, I get a take home of $122 and change for a straight 8 hour day. Imagine what this will look like if we do another 15 hours on Boardwalk. Yahoo! Not, you understand, that I'm all that thrilled about a 15 hour day, but if it happens, the compensation is worth it.

Unfortunately, dear GWC doesn't seem to know quite what time the bus leaves yet - or something. I keep calling the hotline and it keeps telling me to call back in half an hour. I wish they'd get it sorted out, because it's now a quarter to ten, and if I have to get up at 3:30 am again, I should damn well like to get to bed. The hotline, by the by, is what you call after you've been called for a tells you when to be at the set or, if it's an inconvenient location, where the background bus will pick you up. So I wish they'd sort this out.

But I got another day!

Love, Wendy


Anonymous said...

Advice... if I could see only one show (on/off Broadway), what would it be? Any category, but only one opportunity.
Please and thank you,
A fan

wendyfromencore said...

Dear Anonymous: I'd go for Hair or Billy Elliott myself. I've seen both and they were terrific. I think I'd give the edge to Hair, but that may be because I saw the original in 1968!

Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you!
Don't mean to be SO anonymous... Just realized I could be a 13 yr old boy... However, I am a 58 yr old woman... retired Vice Principal from Texas... so Hair sounds perfect to me, too.
Love your blog... got turned on thru Daily Beast.