Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meeting A Casting Director...Sort Of

Well, that was interesting.

SAG has this program where if you're really good and sign in on time and get your picture and resume in and all like that, you get to go to these sessions where you do cold readings for actual casting directors. Which is what I did tonight.

It was a fairly instructive session, since I've never auditioned for an actual movie casting director. But, to be perfectly frank, doing a cold reading for the movies is exactly like doing a cold reading for stage, except you have less time to make an impression, from what I could gather. Luckily, making an impression has NEVER been something with which I have a problem, and in fact, the gal (Kim Moarefee - sp?) seemed quite pleased with me. She said I was really putting it out there.

Naturally, having the same ego as every other actor in the world, I can pick this apart forever. What did she mean by that? I mean, she had words of advice for every other actor in the room - was she just blowing me off because I'm older? No, that's silly...there was at least one broad there who was older than me, and SHE got advice. Was she being sarcastic? Hell, I got the laughs inherent in the scene (all seven lines of it). Welcome to the paranoid world of acting.

You know, now that I think of it...actually, I did do a good job. From my mouth to God's ears, as we say in the shtetl.

Other than that, I didn't get to yoga on Wednesday...yeah, yeah, I know. Nobody thought I was going to. I did, however, get down on my mat at home and do some stretches, because my body was shrieking at me. Today I got up and went to the library. I have discovered that library books are great for people like me who would really prefer to stay home. Think about it. If you don't get your bottom out of bed and get those books back you're going to be paying all those library fines. Since my reason for going to the library in the first place is to save money buying books, it seems rather pointless to incur fines. And I even got a nice gift for being a good girl and returning my books (and taking out more, of course)...when I poked my nose in Gourmet Garage on the way home, they had really big shrimp on sale for 7.99 a pound. Guess what I had for dinner? (Wait, wait...I'm supposed to be SAVING money by going to the library. Hey, it's not my fault. Some damn fool stuck Gourmet Garage right in my path as I'm walking home, and if I try to avoid that pitfall by taking the bus home, it doesn't help, on account of the bus stop is right beside Citarella. See? NOT MY FAULT.)

Tomorrow is DEFINITELY yoga.

Love, Wendy

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