Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wet...wet, wet, wet, wet

I am WET. My everything is wet. My feet are wet. My bottom, for God's sake, is wet. Wet. Wet. Wet.

This is because there was a slight miscommunication between the actual movie people and my casting agency regarding how to get to Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 7:30 am today. My agency said, Take the G train to Greenpoint Avenue and there will be courtesy shuttle buses. There weren't. So it was eight blocks in the rain to holding. Then it was three blocks (still in the rain) to Crafty (craft services, the nice people with the food - smoked salmon today!). then back to holding. Then, before we got a chance to even eat the breakfast, we had to lug it to the set...five the rain. My everything is wet, umbrella notwithstanding.

Then we got into this furniture store which featured the worst furniture I've ever seen in my life, all done in nice brown Naugahyde with brown patterned fabric...horrendous. Then we went upstairs where there was an apartment and we shot a 4th of July party (popcorn and Cheese Doodles and soda, in case you care.) Then we sat in the back room of the horrible furniture store (which had more horrible furniture in it) for hours. Then we hiked back to holding (in the rain...the very WET rain) for lunch. Then we sat in holding for an hour and a half. Then we hiked back (that eight blocks, remember?) to the the rain. Luckily, there were nice people to talk to, two of whom I actually knew - Paul, with whom I sat around all day for Morning Glory out on Long Island, and Marissa, who did Boardwalk Empire with me last week.

And how was your day?

Love, Wendy

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