Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Warm Day!

I see by a comment to last night's post that my child is making snotty comments about me. For her (and your) information, I got rid of those damn Star Trek novels a LONG time ago. Actually, I just saw a lone survivor (naturally I was looking for something else at the time), but it's not book shelf purge day yet. I actually do throw things out every now and then - it's just that books have a life of their own and breed when you're not looking.

Speaking of which, Joshua got afflicted with a bizarre case of double-speak tonight. (As opposed to his usual case of never shut up-speak.) We were admiring the fact that the kitchen looked so much more open. As I've mentioned, the kitchen is set four steps up from the living room, and it's got a sort of fence around the two open sides, which for all the years we've lived here has been covered in a black metal mesh sort of thing. The people we bought the place from had a small child, and this was for its protection, obviously. Well, the girls got rid of it (since one assumes that Sarah is too old to fall out of the kitchen and we haven't got any small children running around), and it really looks much more open now. It's still got the railing, but now it's got widely spaced bars, which look a lot better.

Anyway, Joshua mentioned this new openness, and almost in the same breath, announced that he was going to get two more book shelves...which he was putting right where the old mesh was. Anybody want to tell me how this is going to contribute to the open space effect? Anybody?

It was WARM out today! I got to wear my trenchcoat and an actual SKIRT! It's going to be in the 50's and raining again tomorrow, but at least I got a little taste of spring. Unfortunately, so did the tourists. Personally, if I had to lift my stomach up to find my waist pack, I'd seriously begin to consider dieting.

And I hate computers. This time the system I use to get my time in so I can get paid went haywire, and I damn near didn't get paid at all. Luckily, my nice temp agency sorted the mess out and made sure that my money will be in my account in the morning just like it's supposed to be, so I'm deeply thrilled. I'm also really deeply thrilled because my state tax refund finally arrived, and it turns out I was a hundred bucks off in MY FAVOR! Isn't that the coolest thing?

So this weekend, rain or no rain, I'm going to shop 'til I drop. I'm going to stock the freezer and buy pantyhose and pay a bill or two...and maybe even buy a couple of magazines. Wow! I'm RICH!

Love, Wendy

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