Thursday, April 3, 2008

An Early Evening Blog

Well, it would be my usual on my way to bed blog except that my friendly family lesbian is busy retiling my kitchen floor (in one of those nice speckly patterns that doesn't show ANYTHING and is madly easy to wipe off - we have had horrible wood veneer in there since we moved in and you couldn't get anything off it without major scrub brush action - when two of your cats major in creative vomiting, you don't need this) and therefore she and her lady are pinned into the kitchen waiting for the floor glue to get tacky so they can put the floor down. The result of this, of course, is that I cannot do what I always do when I get home from work which is to sit down at the kitchen table and drink beer and smoke cigarettes and check the mail. So I've got the beer and cigarettes up here in the bedroom and I already checked the mail, which consisted of a bank statement and two pleas to donate to causes I've never heard of (Have pity on this child who will never know the joy of designer clothing without your help! Take a moment of your valuable time to send a check to the Amateur Mime Society!)

However, Caesar is coming over to pick up his bank card which the idiot left at the restaurant on Monday night which I just picked up for him, so maybe he will take pity on me and take me out to dinner. Or at least order Chinese food.

And I've decided I'm never taking the subway again. Today I got on the downtown 7th Avenue bus at 42nd Street as usual, and there were two people of a New Jersey sort of persuasion sitting across from me. Just as the bus was pulling away from 42nd, the gal's phone rang, and we started off on a tale that lasted until she and the gent got off at 16th.

It seems that Simone was picking up Kristin and/or Janey from somewhere or another when all of a sudden Scott came out of nowhere and tried to grab either Kristin or Janey (this part wasn't entirely clear). And would you believe, Simone finally had the guts to punch him? Isn't that great? (The guy half of the pair was really delighted about this. He went on for about three blocks about being so proud of Simone for "finally having some guts".) Well, everybody thinks (both the people on the bus and, evidently, the people - of whom there seemed to be several - on the other end of the phone) that this will mean that Simone can finally get Scott put in jail now and stop screwing around with that order of protection, because, as the gentleman on the bus pointed out, this was clearly an attempted kidnapping. And Scott's already out on bail for that assault charge, and that's not gonna help him a lot (direct quote there).

I'm sure you'll glad to know that Simone, Kristin and Janey are all just fine (even though Scott hit Simone back when she hit him), and Scott seems to have gone to turn himself in, or at any rate my pals on the bus seem to feel that's what he's going to do (presumably otherwise his parole officer on the assault case will track him down anyway, so why not).

Oh, I tell you - I swear I was going to get off the bus and follow these two, because I needed so much more information here. I mean, clearly Simone is an ex-wife or girlfriend, and I presume that either Kristin or Janey is a child of this relationship, or maybe both of them are - but I really wanted to get some phone numbers and email addresses to find out the beginning and end of this story on account of coming in for the middle like that.

Now, isn't this better than that Spanish telenovela you were going to watch? And to think I would have missed the whole thing on the subway.

Oh, and by the by, before anybody leaps on me for making light of poor Simone's troubles, I am taking my cue directly from the two on the bus. They were clearly thrilled that the whole thing had come to a head so that Scott could get put away, and they made very sure that nobody had been in the least harmed by the whole episode, and were all in all quite pleased and smiling and clearly relieved. So I'm taking my cue from them. So don't do nasty comments on my unfeelingness. So there.

Love, Wendy

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Sarah Booz said...

Were you on the bus or the subway? I am so CONFUSED! I need ANSWERS! Heeeellllppppp!!!!