Tuesday, April 8, 2008

T.S. Eliot Was Right

He said, "April is the cruelest month." All over the Village, our lovely flowering trees are in bloom - and I'm still wandering around in that damn down coat because it's 41 degrees when I leave the house in the morning and I freeze easily. I want my trenchcoat! I saw the first robin today - frozen solid, poor thing. When will it ever warm up, for God's sake? (And don't try and tell me that 55 degrees is warm. It's not. 65 to 70 degrees is warm - not 55.)

Nothing of any interest happened today at all. I am now un-hungover, thank God, although it doesn't make Miss Twitch and Twitter next to me at the office any easier to deal with. She was leaping all over the phones again today...and every time she gets one of mine she gives me a look. Well, as I remarked yesterday, I do like to give the lawyers the chance to answer their own damn phones...oh, well. It's not terribly high on my list of things to shoot myself about. The nice thing about temping is that nothing lasts forever. In the fullness of time she will be at another desk (she's sitting in for a very nice gal who's on vacation) or I will be, and this will all be but a memory - if I even bother to remember it, that is. Which is doubtful.

Oh, and Mel told me a wonderful story about Joshua. Seems he went to take a shower the other day and didn't fully shut the bathroom door. Well, one of the cats wandered into the bathroom, and he decided that the cat (whichever one it was) was going to shit in his shoe. So he tried to leap out of the bathtub to shoo the cat away and fell and bruised his elbow badly. But the best part is that when he came downstairs, he announced to the girls that this was all my fault because I don't have non-slip decals in my tub.

Well, this is pretty damn silly on lots of levels. First of all, if you don't want a cat sharing the bathroom, A. shut the damn door, or B. when it arrives, stick your head around the shower curtain and yell "scat" at it. Leaping around like a lunatic in a wet bathtub is a dopey response. Secondly, if you have been living in a place for more than three years, and showering with a sensible amount of frequency, then you certainly ought to know whether there are non-slip decals in the tub, and if you want them there, you are perfectly free to go get some. And thirdly, you could blame the whole thing on me if I had leaped into the bathroom suddenly and yelled "Booga, booga, booga" in your ear, but when I happened to be innocently sitting in an office altogether elsewhere, I hardly see that this little problem had anything at all to do with me.

Well, phooey. I'm going to finish my nightcap and go to bed. Perhaps something fascinating will happen tomorrow!

Love, Wendy

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