Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Wow, what a day.  I went out this afternoon with only a flannel shirt over a t-shirt...never let it be said that I'm not fashion forward here.  I took the bus over to the big Whole Foods on the Bowery to visit the food, since nobody in their right mind would pay their prices anyway.  I do the same thing at Dean and DeLuca...I just wander around and look at the stuff.  Well, the displays are so pretty...and I like to dream about being the kind of person who'd actually pay $39.99 a pound for imported ham.  Sheesh.  If I want ham, I can bake a damn ham.  Which, now that I think of it, I just may do.  My problem is that I really hate that thin sliced deli ham.  When I make a ham sandwich I want big slabs of the stuff, and really good bread and sweet butter and Dijon mustard...called a French ham sandwich in our family because that's the way they make them in France.  (Duh.)

Then I wandered off down Elizabeth Street to admire all the expensive boutiques carrying clothing I would never wear in a million years, and checking out restaurant menus.  The restaurants are WAY cheaper than the clothes, and I'm making mental notes for outdoor lunching when I get some money in hand...out of which I currently am.  I did, however, have the good common sense to get back on my partial unemployment (on account of I'm partially unemployed), and that should start turning up the day after tomorrow or so.  Which is an excellent idea, since what I've got will last me through until the day after tomorrow, but not any further.

I even cleaned the house a bit yesterday, and have discovered my ENTIRE kitchen counter, which is very big, now that it's not covered in plastic bags and books and stuff to be thrown out (trash type stuff like empty garbage bag cartons, not food trash...I'm sloppy, but I do manage to stay at least a step in front of the Health Department).  And I did a fast wipe down in the bathroom. 

Tomorrow I think I'll get to the taxes, which I'd like to get done before April 14.  I hope I can get something back this year...I don't think I made that much money (hell, I KNOW I didn't).

Other than that, I managed to get out two nights at least...both times to Sarah's bar.  Once was last week for an art show, where the artist paid for all the drinks (an excellent idea for the broke), and once last night, for an occasion that amused the hell out of me.  It was the anniversary of the bar, and the start of its 13th year in business, so Carla, who owns the place, dubbed the party "A Bar Bar Mitzvah."  Which I thought was great. 

By the way, what in hell are all these Presidential candidates thinking?  If at all?  What is this insane insistence on making women the enemy?  I swear, if they had their way, we'd all be wrapped up in burkas.  And it fascinates me that any crime against women is, of course, their own fault because men can't control their urges when they see a woman's ankle or some damn thing.  I don't know about you, but I'm damned if I'm voting for anyone who has that much trouble behaving like a normal human being.  Do we really want a president who by his own admission feels like raping any woman in a short skirt?  (We'll just not discuss the ones we've already HAD like that.  At least they never held themselves up as saviors of the family unit, for God's sake.)

Love, Wendy

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Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

"Visit the food" you are just the best! Great read...and that weather up there has been pretty fabulous this past winter. Enjoy it all kiddo!