Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bit Of A Social Life

Well, this week has been fun.  A friend of mine was directing a play, and we all thought it was going on this past it turned out, it didn't.  However, having already arranged to meet my old pal Tom, we decided what the hell and had a few drinks together at Sarah's bar anyway, which was fun.  Then the play did, in fact, go on on Wednesday, which gave me a chance to see my pal Philippe, and of course Ted, the director.  Fun all around, and got me out of the house with actual makeup on twice in a week.  On general principles I don't wear makeup much because when I'm working I have to plaster the stuff on or have it plastered on, and I'm VERY vain of my good skin, which I attribute to keeping it clean.  However, you never know who's going to turn up at plays, and it helps to look as decent as possible.

Other than that, I'm stuck again on the damn apartment...althugh I actually did just take out the garbage.  Such a housekeeper.  Tonight there's something on TV I want to at least take a look at...a movie called Little Red Riding Hood which I thought might interest me when I saw the ads for it when it first came out.  So I'm going to clean off the dining room table while it's on...unless, of course, I get totally riveted and decide to just sit and watch it.  One never knows.

And I made a WONDERFUL discovery today.  It was absolutely gorgeous out...nearly 70...and I finally decided that I wasn't going to just sit around all day and went to my new library.  It's really criminal that I haven't done this before, but then we all know that I get into these not moving moods.  Anyway, it's terrific!

Well, that was interesting.  My computer elected to shut itself off after that last sentence.  Everybody's a critic.

Anyway, the library is terrific.  It actually has books in it!  I realize that this would seem to be obvious, but the library in Chelsea, which I believe I've mentioned before, had about 12 books, all of which were by Danielle Steele.  So you can imagine my delight in being able to get books I actually want to read...such as the new P.D. James, which mixes murder and Jane Austen, and a book called Room, about a young boy and his mother stuck living in a small room for quite some time.  Not to mention the latest Charlaine Harris.  I realize this last is silliness, but I love her vampire books, although I've never watched the show.  The reason is that I almost ALWAYS hate any show made out of books I love, because the image in my head doesn't jibe with what's on screen.  There are, of course, a few exceptions...the PBS Brideshead Revisited some years back was beyond belief brilliant, for instance.  I had this problem even as a child...I invariably hated Disney films such as Peter Pan, the Jungle Book (DEEP hatred on that one because I'm a mad Kipling fan), and the rest of them that came from actual books.  They were never ANYTHING like the books I had read or my mother had read to me.  Winnie the Pooh by Disney has the power to make me gag even now.

And now for something completely different.  I don't read many political columnists, but I do read Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd in the NYTimes because they think like I do...i.e., liberals with wit.  I was absolutely horrified to see the following in her column yesterday:

"The champagne sugar daddy of Newt Gingrich (and soon, Romney) is Sheldon Adelson, a multibillionaire casino owner and hawkish Zionist who endorses Gingrich's view that the Palestinians are 'an invented people' who have no right to a homeland."

Ah, WHAT?  If anyone is "an invented people" (which I don't admit) it would have to be the Israelis, for God's sake.  Israel came into existence in a country which happened to be CALLED Palestine (and therefore would have contained Palestinians) in 1948, people!  Don't you think the world would be a much nicer place if the people who are/want to be our elected officials read their damn history so they could at least take a shot at knowing what the hell they're talking about?  God knows I'm not getting into the Jewish/Palestinian question, but really...nobody invented the Palestinians.  Trust me on this one.

And then, of course, there's Rick Santorum...fruitcake extraordinaire.  I fear for my country when it contains people who actually think he makes sense.  Not to mention the whole damn birth control and religion argument, with Rush Linbaugh characterizing a woman who wants to protect herself as a slut.  (If you're a religious Catholic, NOBODY said you had to use birth control, you blithering idiots...just that it should be available for those who DO want/need to use it.)

You know, people, we don't really need to go to another country to start a war...we can do it right here at home.

Meanwhhile, I'm off tomorrow to my ambulance chaser for another fun day of telling him to sit down and shut up, followed by an art show.  Get me!

Love, Wendy

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