Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Mayor Is An Idiot

Our beloved New York mayor, Mr. Bloomberg, has gone completely off his rocker...not that he was ever that firmly rooted on it to begin with.

He has decided that the time-honored New York habit of food purveyors and restaurants all over the five boroughs of this city of giving their leftover food to the homeless must stop, because the food donated can't be tested for fiber, cholesterol count, calories, and whatever the hell else.


The practice of donating food through places like City Harvest, among others, has been going on for years and has given enormous comfort to an enormous number of people.  Our soup kitchens have long been suffering under inadequate funding, as have the pantries for the poor.  So he decides to cut off an excellent source of nutrition.

Evidently, he thinks that if he can't get rid of the homeless any other way, he'll just starve them to death.  I don't know about you, but if I hadn't eaten in a day or two, the LAST damn thing I'd be worried about would be my cholesterol count.

Love, Wendy

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