Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saved By The Bell!

Well, isn't this nice.  Just as I was sitting here worrying about how the hell I was going to get through until my Social Security, my nice ambulance chaser turned up with work for today and tomorrow and probably some next week too.  I'm thrilled...bored as hell stuck in an office, but since the entertainment business is ignoring me at the top of its lungs, I might just as well be sitting around an office making SOME money.

Meanwhile, I'm going to KILL Time Warner Cable.  I no longer have their service, because this building will only take FiOS or something called RCN, which I've never heard of, so I went with FiOS.  I canceled my service with Time Warner in December, and finally gave the equipment back to them.  When I did so, the guy who came to pick it up said to call the office to find out what I owed them.

Well, Time Warner doesn't, as far as I can figure out, know what ANYBODY owes them.  First they said (over a month ago) that I owed them for the months of December, January and February.  When I gently pointed out that I had canceled my service in early December, they said I still owed them some weird amount like $700.  I explained AGAIN that I owed them nothing except the equipment rental, since I hadn't had their service in those months.  Well, the final amount turned out to be something like $336.00, which sounds about right because their damn equipment fees are so high.  So I promptly paid them $136.00, and told them I would pay the other $200 at the end of March (that good old Social Security check).

They have now called me four times this week, each time with a totally different amount I'm supposed to owe them.  Each time (except the last one), I have explained the situation again and asked them to check their records and they will see what has been set up.  Each time they promise to make a note of it.  I don't know where the hell they're putting these notes they're supposedly making...on the back of an old envelope that they promptly throw out, evidently, since nobody who calls seems to have the slightest notion of what I'm talking about.  I finally lost my temper tonight.  I had already taken one call from them at the office this morning, and the minute I got home and sat down, guess who was on the phone AGAIN?  This time I simply started screaming.  And once again I was told oh, I see.  Well, we'll mark youir file.  One can only assume they're marking it in invisible ink. 


Love, Wendy

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