Friday, March 30, 2012

A Dull Stretch

I have discovered why I no longer work nine to five...I HATE it.  I got stuck last week with my ambulance chaser for FOUR DAMN DAYS.  Nearly killed me.  Actually, nearly killed HIM...I finally turned on him (politely, I may add) and told him that if he didn't stop interrupting what I was doing, the work would NOT get done, I would completely lose track, and he would NOT have his nice closing last Friday.  Well, come on, I didn't raise my voice...I merely stated the facts.  That counts as politely in my book.  I didn't even tell him to fuck off and get the hell out of my way.  See?  A perfect lady, as always.  He turned an interesting sort of very pale shade and slunk off to bury himself in some files at the back of his office and left me to get on with it...on my own terms.  So there.

But four days is WAY too much.

This week has been much better...I only got stuck with it one day, which suits me fine, even if the exchequer is the poorer for it.  My Social Security was three days late, so I was glad of the work, at least.

And my birthday is tomorrow!  I really CANNOT get my mind around 67 at all.  It just seems so strange that I could be this old and still feel so young...and welcome to today's cliche corner, girls and boys!  I think I'll do what I usually do with birthdays...enjoy the occasion and forget the age.

Although there seems to be some confusion about my actual birthday party this year.  Sarah always collects the guests and we all go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world, my shabby little French joint uptown.  However, this year Sarah has had ructions.  Her roommate, the one whose name was on the lease at her apaartment, decided to move in with her boyfriend and gave Sarah two weeks to find a new place and move, since she was giving up the apartment.  (Yet another person who just came off my Christmas card list.)  So in order to save the apartment, Sarah had to get a guarantor for the new lease...and our trustee didn't want her to take the lease on.  Therefore, the last couple of weeks have been punctuated by Sarah wailing madly and announcing that her cat was going to live with me (which would NOT have been a great idea...I don't think my two would have been madly thrilled with this).  Then Sarah was going to move in with me...another bad idea.  Not that I don't love living with her, because she's a great companion and all around good person, but if she's living in Brooklyn, I don't worry about her.  This makes no sense whatsoever, because she's still coming home at weird hours in weird neighborhoods, but it's different when you're trying to sleep and waiting for the key in the door...which could be 6 am.  And not alone.  I would think her entirely strange if she DIDN'T have a nice bouncy sex life at the age of 27, but I don't necessarily want her to have it in my living room.  This is, after all, a one bedroom apartment.  And suppose I get lucky?  (This is admittedly wishful thinking on my part, but you never know...I bought a ticket for the big lottery drawing tonight, too.)  Introductions over the breakfast table could get just a teeny bit messy. 

All is well, however...the gal who owns the bar where Sarah does karaoke agreed to go guarantor for her (she's DEFINITELY on my Christmas card list, and I may put her down for a nice fruit basket, too), so disaster is averted and Sarah will stay in her own apartment.  Large sighs of relief all around.

However, with all this going on, she really couldn't have been expected to worry about my birthday party (which I fully understand), so I have called my best friend Caesar and informed him that my birthday is tomorrow and he's going to take me out.  And Sarah says we'll have my party, too...just a little late.  Which is fine...nothing better than an extended birthday!

Meanwhile I am going to KILL Time Warner Cable...again.  Or still.  They have just sent me a notice from a collection agency announcing that I owe them $462.04.  Well, I DON'T owe them $462.04.  I owe them $200.00.  As I have mentioned in these pages, I went around and around with them, and finally got them to acept the fact that I owed them the $200, and not anything more.  They also confirmed on the phone that this was due tomorrow, March 31st.  This collection agency notice is dated March 23rd.  Would anybody like to explain this to me?  They are going to get such an earful from me tomorrow...along, of course, with the $200, WHICH IS ALL I OWE THEM.  Grrr.

So in honor of my birthday, I went out today to the good grocery store and spent $90.  I now have a houseful of nice grownup food.  Of course, the only problem with this is that it all has to be actually cooked.  I have the makings for kielbasa and sauerkraut (yes, I know it's a low taste  but I love it) and actual spaghetti sauce and all kinds of goodies.  Then I schlepped it all home and neatly put it away...aren't I good?

Now I'm watching the first Star Wars movie, which I love (well, who doesn't?).  Unfortunately it's on a channel called Spike, which has more commercials than movie.  Oh,'s handy for going to the john, anyway.

Love, Wendy

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to You!!
Miss JoooooonnnneeeSS!! (applying lipstick in the outer office.)
Keep your eye on your mailbox -- or rent one if you need both of your own -- for a gift is on the way. Quite small and unprepossessing in the box, but very like silk when you smooth it on your skin, and a lovely start to the day, whether you need it or not, which you very well may not. Be attuned . . . even as you're having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!