Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Right Along

It looks like I may be moving sooner than I thought...we've got FOUR offers on the house! This is exciting in many ways.

First, I'll have a decent chunk of money in the bank, which is always nice. And second, I'll have a whole new apartment to play with...and I LOVE doing up apartments. I've decided that I want a birdcage for the new of those elaborate Victorian things. This may sound odd...particularly if you know me, since I am well-known to absolutely detest birds unless they are nicely sizzling in the oven, but I just love those fancy birdcages. I haven't decided what to put in it yet, but it'll be something odd and interesting.

Friday, of course, was Mildred Pierce. Really, they should get it together over there. They didn't let us know the call times until one o'clock in the damn morning, which is deeply annoying if you happen to want a good night's sleep before a shoot, and then they called us for a 10:30 report at Steiner Studios out in Brooklyn...and it was a sort of self-report...meaning we took the subway and the van picked us up there. Then we shot until 8:30 or something, which was just enough time so they didn't have to send us back to the city, but could dump us at the damn subway again (after 9 pm they have to send you back in a van). Growl. Meanwhile they sent us this long email regarding what kind of makeup to wear and what to do with our hair...and then sent us to makeup and hair anyway. I mean, why bother with the email? It essentially told us to put on light foundation, eyebrows, pinkish/raspberry lipstick, and one coat of mascara on our top lashes only. Then the makeup people went over the whole thing again with the exception of the mascara. We were also told the usual (for period work) clean hair, no product bit, and to pull it straight back into a ponytail so it would be smooth. So you got to the hair people who promptly put it all up in hot rollers. Sheesh.

Anyway, it was a pleasant shoot aside from that...although there was a lot of downtime. There were plenty of the Boardwalk people there; I guess we've become the go-to group for period work, which suits me fine as long as there's enough of it. And I was greeted by name by the background wrangler, Brendan...happiness is getting known. As I've mentioned before, this is important.

And Kate Winslet served me eggnog with her very own hands! I think this is neat. The scene was Mildred Pierce's restaurant on Christmas Eve, and she was serving eggnog to her patrons...and this means you should get a nice shot of me saying (silently, of course) thank you and oh, how lovely. In that awful outfit.

Don't ever get involved with restaurant scenes. We were served fried chicken and vegetables (oh, yeah, real food), and God only knows when that chicken was cooked...and of course you have to play with it to look as if you might actually put it in your mouth, which no one in their right mind would do. It looked petrified. We (me and the other three people at my table) also passed around a basket of biscuits...real again...which looked and weighed as if they were made out of plaster. Mmm mmm good!

But it's another credit under my belt, and Thursday and Friday I get to go back to my beloved Boardwalk. We're really becoming quite a little ensemble group's getting so that it's sort of like going to the office, only it's fun and they pay better. And feed me.

Richard the real estate guy has emailed me that he wants to show the house on Thursday, when I will be trotting around out in Brooklyn. Well, on his head be it...if he wants to show the house without me around, HE can go on cat poop patrol before people arrive.

Love, Wendy

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