Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Offer!

Whoo hoo! Another open house today, and our first offer...$1.1 million. And three sets of people coming back with their architects! I am totally stoked about this. Closer and closer to my new place to play with!

Meanwhile, I am slightly drunk and on my way to bed...I have a deeply dull mundane job tomorrow as a receptionist from 8 am to 5 pm, which will bore me to extinction, but will bring in more money (I'm really, REALLY big on bringing in more money). But on Tuesday I'm back on the the Boardwalk set! Yay!

I am so full of food I can barely waddle through the keyboard here. I went off to Shai's place (my pal the chef) tonight because he was making porchetta, and it was the best damn potluck in the whole world. All that gorgeous pork, with Vicky's terrific warm potato salad, my kid's pasta salad with zucchini, a deeply hot and spicy greens thing that Shai made for the pork, and somebody made homemade cream puffs with homemade custard and jam, and Shai's lady Susan made some gorgeous macaroons with cream filling, and there was more food, and more food, and more, which included Logan's mac and cheese, which was the terrific kind with the crunchy top where when you grabbed a portion you had to cut the strings because it was so gorgeously cheesy, and...BURP.

Meanwhile, I have found the perfect good old Jack's 99 Cent Store. I realize this sounds odd if you're not a New Yorker, but Jack's is only a 99 cent store on the first floor. The other two floors have a weird collection of anything manufacturers are trying to get rid of, and a lot of it is brand name, excellent stuff. Anyway, the lamps are nice classic crystal bases edged in bronze with cream shades, and they're $40 each - as opposed to anything I've found anywhere else, where the same thing is $119 each.

Well, that was interesting. I just heard a pop behind me on the stove, which is when I remembered I was attempting to hard boil two eggs. The pop was all the water boiling away. I think I'm going to give up on the eggs, because they smell quite peculiar. I was attempting to make a sandwich to take to work tomorrow...perhaps I had better think of something else. Perhaps I should go to bed.

Love, Wendy

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