Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Lovely Dull Day

Wow. No house buyers, no rehearsal, no filming, no lousy receptionist jobs. What a gorgeous day.

I got out and did some grocery shopping and drugstore shopping...I am now the proud possessor of a reasonably full icebox, a nice new tube of toothpaste, and various other interesting items. Naturally I forgot a couple of things, but tomorrow I've got to go out and get a new sports bra and a couple of new pairs of black tights, so I'll fill in the gaps then. It's not that I don't make a grocery list, it's just that with (usually) only me to cook for, I kind of cruise through and just grab what looks amusing. Therefore my grocery list has things on it that I really HAVE to remember, like garbage bags and cat litter, but I just write down "food" for everything else, because I don't know what'll look good.

I used to be a real bear on grocery lists and food planning, because I had this child and this husband and this lack of money. And a full time job, naturally. So I would do this horrendously housewifely thing and sit down every Sunday with the food coupons from the paper and make menus for the week and detailed grocery lists. It was necessary at the time, but I'm really glad I don't have to do it any more because it kind of stifles creativity. I also did all the grocery shopping. Once I thought it would be very nice if Matthew would go out and do it, so I handed over the grocery list, the coupons, and the grocery money for the week. Never again. He came back with something like two artichokes, two filets mignon and a couple of other things I can't remember along the same lines. Yes, well...that was the end of that experiment. No, there was no change.

And the sports bra and the black tights I'm going to buy? More Boardwalk Empire! And my tights sprung a leak, and I really do need another sports bra so I can wash one. Yay and yahoo! I've already got Thursday and Friday of this week, and now I have Monday and Wednesday of next week, too. I tell you, this thing is my very own little money maker. I just got a check for $479.02 for the last two days I did. If I can get two days a week, I've got my basic needs well covered here. And I just heard in the Mildred Pierce holding pen that while I thought HBO had bought Boardwalk for two years, it seems they may have it under contract for FIVE years. If that's so, my fortune is made...

Meanwhile, I have started thinking seriously about the new apartment, and I have decided that I absolutely need a Victorian birdcage. The things are huge, with wonderful curlicues in wrought iron, and I've always loved them...even though I hate birds with a passion. I am planning to put something bizarre in it...perhaps a stuffed (as in teddy bear stuffed, not taxidermy stuffed) tarantula. Octopus? God bless New York, where it should be pretty easy to find at least a nice stuffed spider...

Glee was on tonight...wow, I love that show. They were advertising the DVDs of it, and referred to the audience as Gleeks, which I just love. That's me, a proud Gleek. And next week, Olivia Newton-John! They better do Grease...

And tomorrow night Channel 13 is doing Hamlet, with Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Yes, yes, I know, Star Trek TNG, but he's Royal Shakespeare Company trained and a brilliant Shakespearean...Sarah and I saw him as Prospero in The Tempest a few years ago, and he was droolingly wonderful. It's in modern dress, damn it, which I detest, but Patrick Stewart can overcome anything. I may have to go to bed before the end, depending on my call time for Thursday, which will probably be 5:30 am as usual, but it's not like I don't know every word of Hamlet backwards and forwards, what with playing Gertrude and all. And I'll take a nap tomorrow afternoon.

So there.

Love, Wendy

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Anonymous said...

I love your autonomy... in Manhattan no less... you rock! As does your writing about said autonomy.
Texas Beth