Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wonders Will Never Cease

I am so accomplished I can't stand myself.

I got up this morning and got and read the Sunday papers, after a bit of mild confusion with my alarm clock - it seems that I had set it for fall instead of spring...i.e., a hour back instead of an hour forward. No, I don't know what I was thinking either, and I hadn't even had a drink. Anyway, my lovely computer and phone set me straight on that.

After the papers (and breakfast), I promised myself that I would finally come to grips with that bathroom and that paint...and I ACTUALLY DID. I truly, really, honestly got a first coat of paint on the door and got a good part of the rest of it taped and framed out, and then I neatly washed my brushes and cooked myself dinner and watched TV...feeling that I had definitely earned it. I'm so proud. And of course, as is ALWAYS the way with such things, now that I've started I'm ready and eager to finish it tomorrow.

I had to actually go out and work (you know, at a mundane job) on Friday, which annoyed me. It was another one of those seminars, but this one is the one I always try to avoid doing alone because it's got a whole mess of complicated crud to take care of, such as setting up recorders and video and keeping track of about 80 million bits of paper. I have no idea whether I sent everything back that I was supposed to, or whether I filled it out right, or anything. On the other hand, if I didn't, and that particular temp agency decides they can never send me out for that seminar group again, I will be very happy, so I guess it's a win-win situation.

And my Law & Order check came yesterday, so one hopes that means the two (one for the costume fitting, one for the actual shoot) from Boardwalk Empire will be in tomorrow's mail, which will allow me to get some more things for the house.

Of course, there's now some sort of hitch in the house selling. The co-op board has said something or other about the price we want to ask for the house because they think it's too low or something (these people have clearly never been IN my house), and that would evidently depress the prices of any other of these houses that somebody wants to sell...or something like that (never let it be said that I'm not lavish with my "somethings"). Bill the trustee called to tell me all this, but as I was sound asleep when he called, I'm a little unclear on the whole thing. Whatever, as long as it gives me more time to tart the poor old joint up.

Meanwhile, Philippe called to pass on some weird news from the play front. It seems that the theater that wants to put the play up is low on money (I know the joint - like any other off-off-off Broadway theater, they're ALWAYS low on money), so my "girlfriend" evolved the idea of putting on eight plays. However, the setup is that a troupe of actors is hired for all eight plays, and the directors, playwrights and actors are all supposed to pay for the privilege of being in them...and the actors are in all eight plays.

First of all, I am a member of Actors Equity and a lifelong professional. I do not pay YOU to let me be in a play, YOU pay ME. Secondly, I happen to have here a one-woman play. A LONG one-woman play. Under no circumstances can I learn lines for seven other plays at the same time. And each play runs for two nights or something equally silly. Um, no. NO. And again, NO.
Luckily, Philippe understands this. We'll work something out, one presumes.

I have paint in odd spots here and there...and more to come tomorrow. Whee, I actually started!

Love, Wendy


Anonymous said...

Hope you can work things out 'cause me and my buds wanna come to opening night!
I'll be the old, cute, blonde that smells vaguely of cow shit.
Texas Beth

wendyfromencore said...

Beth, that's the neatest thing I ever heard! I don't mind cow shit...hell, I live with cat shit!

Love, Wendy