Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Night Out!

Well, it's been a deeply dull two days. I got mundane temp work yesterday and today, and believe me, it was mundane. A receptionist job where I was told I could have free internet access, but I wasn't allowed to read. And it was for four hours each day at $12 an hour, meaning that it barely covered lunch and transportation. Blecch.

However, tonight I went uptown to see Caesar's latest show (a one night stand), and it was interesting. It was four vignettes, and they were all about opera. First you had the singers doing the piece of the opera in its proper language, then you got the actors doing the scene represented by the opera excerpt. As I say, it was an interesting idea. And while I always say I dislike opera, I think that what I actually dislike is huge amounts of opera...i.e., a full operatic performance. Not to mention the fact that I giggle easily, and when you hand me a 300 pound lady as a Mimi, say, in Boheme, I tend to go off. Luckily, this seems to be dying out...lots of opera singers are now of a perfectly reasonable size. In fact, there was a huge foofaraw a couple of years back when a sizeable lady was fired from a part because she was considered too large for it. Anyway, beautiful voices are beautiful, and there were several of them in this evening's entertainment.

My bathroom, of course, was out on hold whilst I A. worked for a living, and B. went out and enjoyed myself. So far so good for getting back to it tomorrow (oh, it's 1:37 am...OK, later today).

And a SUPER thing when I was about to get a face on for tonight's entertainment...text message from casting agency to call...and two more days on Boardwalk Empire! Yahoo! And one of them's a night shoot, and I LOVE that set when it's all lit up for nighttime. By the way, if you want to see where I work, go to You Tube and look up Boardwalk Empire - Time Lapse and watch them build that fantastic set. It's truly great. (And I promise to make somebody teach me how to do a link...honest.)

And my pal Texas Beth says she'll come and see my show when it finally gets up! Isn't that the coolest thing? Now, um, Carolyn?

Love, Wendy

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