Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Hope This Works

I have just printed a page of Blog Help and I'm going to try and do what it says, because everybody in the whole sidereal universe should see this video - particularly on Tax Day. I don't know about the rest of you, but I had to pay damn near $1300 in taxes when I hardly worked all year, and yesterday I mailed out two checks which won't be covered until the end of the week.

I think we all need a treat.

Damn. What I wanted to put in here has had its embedding disabled. Rats. However, just copy this into your browser.

Trust me.

Nothing else of any interest is happening at the moment. Joshua is evidently overwhelmed at the notion of actually going out into the big bad world, and has therefore been asleep for the last three days. You think I'm kidding? Wrong. He appears every now and then to use the bathroom and/or eat something, then he disappears right back down to the den. This is about to change, however. The dear boy took all my books (as I've mentioned) up to Sarah's room to make room for his, and I'm now bringing them all back down where they belong. And since Joshua has also cleared the den shelves, I will very quickly need to get down there to put MY books back on MY shelves - WHERE THEY BELONG. Let's see him try to sleep through that. Not to mention the fact that he has to clear out all his stuff from the storage space under the stairs, since I need that, too. I'm so glad the little sweetie has had all this rest. (By the by, he went upstairs to get the books of his that he wanted out of Sarah's room, got them and left all the other ones sitting there for me to drag down - telling me, "Oh, well, I got my books." Excuse me? I didn't drag all those damn books up there.)

Lovely social occasions over the weekend - a play on Saturday night and a play reading on Sunday night. The one on Saturday looks quite bizarre - it seems to be a one-woman play about Bertha, Rochester's mad wife from Jane Eyre. Translated from the Swedish. Or at least I hope to God it's been translated from the Swedish. The invite (free ticket, yay!) came from an actress pal of mine who happens to be Swedish herself. I can't tell whether she's in it or not (the press release seems to have been translated from the Swedish by someone whose English isn't quite there - somewhat like Japanese to English translations done by the Japanese), but what the hell - it's a night out and walking distance from my house.

Sunday night I'm going to a play reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (where I did my play a year and a half ago or so), and I'm going to THAT one because Ishmael Reed and his wife Carla will be there and I want to see them - not to mention Rome Neal, who directed the one I was in and of whom I'm very fond...if for no other reasons than A. he's mesmerized by my legs, and B. his speaking voice sounds like Barry White singing. I feel someone who sounds like that paying me extravagant compliments on my figure is DEFINITELY worth a trip to the East Village. Wearing a short skirt, of course.

Anyway, go to YouTube and watch the video. It'll make everything MUCH better.

Love, Wendy

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