Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Final Note on Lifestyles

Oh, I'm thrilled. I knew if I kept poking around in Living A Beautiful Life I'd find this particular piece of advice, because for a while it was all over the place.

This is perhaps the worst idea in the whole sidereal universe, to wit: Mirror your entire bathroom.

Dear God in heaven. I sincerely believe that the magazines and so forth quit printing this because some trusting individuals actually did it, and there was such a rash of early morning suicides that they were forced to take it out of the articles.

Imagine, if you will - and if you haven't just eaten - the absolute horror. There you are, first thing in the morning, having stumbled into the bathroom and - let me be as delicate as possible here - um, seated yourself. And oh my, there you are. All of you. Evey single sag, bulge and fold, clearly revealed on the walls, the ceiling - not to mention the possibility of a decidedly - shall we say - intense expression. With, of course, your hair in wild disarray and either no makeup or, if you've been lazy the previous night, smudged and grubby remains of makeup.

In the pantheon of terrible ideas, I give this one pride of place.

Now go put those flowers in your icebox.

Love, Wendy

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