Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's All Watch Wendy's Head Explode!

I shall start out with all the nice things I've achieved.

I did indeed pick up my nice new business cards, which look madly professional, with my nice new picture on them and all.

I went to the casting call for C&G, and hope to God they'll call me for something or other.

I did NOT go to the audition for Cape May, NJ because I looked it up again and discovered that in fact it pays $248 a week. I make more than that on unemployment. And nothing was mentioned in either the contract or the casting notice about per diem or transportation or housing. Do you have ANY idea what the prices are like in a beach resort in season? Yeah...no.

I even went to yoga class, which turns out to be one hell of a workout, but very, VERY nice in feel. No, I can't do all of it yet...but it seems to be a very laid back kind of class where everybody is focusing on their own yoga practice and supremely uninterested in anyone else's, which is great. That was yesterday...I can't lift my arms quite ALL the way up today (three thousand downward dogs will do that), and my thighs are making VERY snotty remarks to me, but otherwise I'm a lot less sore than I thought I'd be. And the instructor is a pussycat, and very helpful. So I'll drag myself back on Thursday and aim for three classes next week.

Today I got one of those odd little registration table jobs, this one a job fair run by a new job fair company. I hadn't been aware that job fairs HAD companies that ran them, but I guess somebody has to do all the gathering together of companies and what not. This one was a little creepy, but I think only to me. I walked into the Affinia Hotel (30th and 7th...it used to be the Pennsylvania) and the first thing I saw was a whole mess of gents with hair that was way too short clustering around a sign that said "Homeland Security." Well, this was scary - they were having some sort of meeting there. Then I got up to the mezzanine where the job fair was and discovered that three of the "companies" offering jobs were the Army, the IRS, and the DEA. Talk about the wrong place for me. I've never seen so many buzz cuts in my life. I kept thinking somebody or another was going to pounce on me for something - although I don't think I've ever done anything to upset the Army, actually (or at least not that I can remember - one never knows - maybe it was all that anti-Viet Nam marching I did).

So I got home from that - and here comes the exploding head. Joshua came in shortly after I did and started with the doom voice again. It seems that his brain tumor is back. Yup. Joshua's got a nice new brain tumor, which will, of course, prevent him from leaving at the end of the week.

This is really getting past a joke. I have never in my life seen anything like this guy. He is bound and determined to stop me from getting rid of him, and by extension to stop me from leaving the house, which he finds very comfortable. I'm starting to get quite fatalistic about the whole thing. I occupy my time wondering what on earth he'll come up with next. One of the things that keeps going through my head is all those poor animals that chew through their own legs to escape a trap - I keep seeing Joshua somehow managing to lose a leg to stay IN the trap. I wouldn't put it past him. Of course if he did that, he'd be in the hospital, which would be fine. I'd be terribly sorry when he came out to find a nice note from me to tell him what storage facility his belongings were in, and pointedly leaving out my new address...no, actually I wouldn't be sorry at all. I'd laugh like a hyena.

So tomorrow morning I will call Liz the building manager and get Martin the contractor here, and we are going to renovate around Joshua, and the hell with him.

Brain tumor. For God's sake.

Love, Wendy

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newatthis said...

Why am I not surprised ....
Love, T.