Monday, April 20, 2009

Blecch - But A Hopeful Blecch!

The blecch is for the weather, which is just simply terminally vile. It is in the 40s and raining in that nasty "I can go on like this forever" sort of way, as opposed to a nice thumping thunderstorm that blows in, attacks, and blows out again. No, this is a mean, mingy little rain that refuses to go away. So...blecch.

The hope is for the fact that I have a been a busy little bunny (there's a ghastly image). I hit the casting call at Central Casting, I went and signed off on my new business cards, I submitted myself for about nine billion things via Casting Networks, and by God, somebody actually got back to me! So now I've got a go-see for a print thing next, sorry, week after, April 29th. A go-see, by the way, is exactly what you think it is. Go see the person and see if you're right for what is wanted. If I get the shoot, it'll pay me $300...which will be a nice boost to my personal economy. And now all I have to do is wait for Central Casting to get me into their online setup and I can start mining them for jobs. And I got an email from another casting agency, C&G, wanting me to come in next Friday to register on THEIR open call day. Oh, yeah - and I have to go pick up my business cards on Wednesday, and since ModernAge (the photo studio of choice for every actor in the city) is a block from Equity, I thought what the hell - there's an audition at Equity that I might as well go to, since I'll be right there. It's a season out in Cape May, NJ, which wouldn't be a bad place to spend a couple of weeks this summer...of course, this being Actors Equity, the pay is idiotic (something like $378 a week), but why not. As I say, I'll be right there...

And I went bouncing around, in a small way, this weekend. Saturday I went over to the Cherry Lane and saw a one woman show that a friend of mine is involved with - not in, just involved with. And it wasn't in Swedish, thank God. I enjoyed it. It was the imagined other side of the Jane Eyre story - told by Bertha, the mad wife. The gal who did it was wonderful, and it was an interesting idea.

Sunday I went to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe to see the Muslim play, which was amusing, but the whole point of that excursion was to say hello to Rome Neal, Ishmael Reed and Ish's wife Carla...which end I accomplished. Cardinal rule of the theatre business - never let them forget who you are.

Today I have hauled books around and taped together more cartons for Joshua, who now has severe body aches and dizziness, for God's sake. Talk about digging in one's heels. Well, the hell with him. As soon as I can get Sarah to get our pal Aslan to film her walls (if I haven't mentioned it before, this is a necessity before we paint her room and fix the floor - recording for posterity all the stuff her friends have written on her walls), I'm calling the contractor and he can start in there. While he does that, I'll clear the upstairs bathroom (a matter of roughly half an hour) and then that can be done, then my room - and while he's doing my room, I'll clear the kitchen. And so it goes. If necessary, I'll get the guy to just paint over Joshua.

The rain is supposed to at least let up a bit tomorrow. God, I hope so. I love summer rain, but 43 degrees and rain is just the worst.

Love, Wendy

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