Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh, My Poor Native Tongue!

As usual on Sunday morning, I am reading the papers. And what to my wondering eyes doth appear but an excerpt from a book on the relationship of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton! Well, as a life long mad idolater of Burton, I had to cast an eye over this.

Dear God. Not in one, but in TWO places, the writer (whose name I didn't even bother to look at...I will, however, in order to be able to avoid ANYTHING else written by him or her) talked about Liz and Dick's "viscous" fights.

PEOPLE! Viscous means, oily, ropy, like mucus, or, for that matter, our current oil spill. Unless these two people are hacking up phlegm and aiming it at each other as they fight (now there's an unattractive image), that is not what you mean. You mean VICIOUS, damn it. Vicious, meaning awful, terrible, totally below the belt type fighting. With plenty of nasty name calling.

How much can it cost to hire a goddamn proof reader? Surely there must be SOMEONE left who can read and spell the English language...

Love, Wendy (who is now depressed)

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