Monday, February 8, 2010

The Machine Lurches Slowly Into Action

Well, I seem to be actually selling my house. Yes, yes, I know I've been maundering on about this for quite some time now, but today my actual real estate person came to see me! His name is Richard, he's absolutely gorgeous and absolutely gay, and absolutely WAY too young for me even if he wasn't, but what the hell. If I'm going to have a real estate person, he might just as well be decorative and charming, right?

Due to Richard's arrival today, I have been hysterically cleaning house, and I must say it does look reasonably decent in the parts I was most worried about...i.e., my bedroom and the bathrooms. There's nothing much I can do about the living room because it's where all the bags of garbage are going to die. Our garbage schedule around here is regular garbage goes out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and the stuff for recycling can only go out on Wednesday. For those of us who give parties, or for that matter just have friends over, this is a horrible nuisance because it means you have to live with bags and bags of beer cans and wine bottles...and if you give a party on a Saturday, you can imagine. And naturally, a large part of my cleaning effort is THROWING SHIT OUT, so there's lots and lots of garbage. Seven bags of it went out tonight, which pleased me. Happiness is things actually leaving the house. Unfortunately, I have Vicky, which is lovely because she's a perfect roommate, but she's also an artist, so every time I drag out more garbage, Vicky turns up with large bags of various things for art installations to be done at some future time.

Meanwhile, as Vicky remarked a bit earlier when she stopped by to pick up her bags of empty cans, empty cigarette packs, and the little bag of cigarette butts (she's set decorating on a new sit, I don't know what the hell the set must look like if those are props), since I took down the curtains to wash them, my house now has a distinctly Rear Window flavor. You can see in the window straight through into the kitchen, which does make me feel quite oddly I'm staying thoroughly dressed until I get upstairs to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to wash the window and put the curtains back up.

Other than all this mad housekeeping, I actually went uptown to the theatre last night! City Center has a program called Encores, which resuscitates old musicals. It's almost invariably well reviewed, and almost invariably impossible to get into, but one of my discount theatre sites emailed me with an offer for a $40 dollar ticket for last night, and I leaped at it. It was a show called Fanny, which is one of my favorites, and of which I know every line and every song backwards and forwards, and I've never seen it before. And in case this sounds somewhat odd, ask an actor...the reason I never saw it was because I fell in love with it when I was IN it, of course. And it was just lovely. It was made into a movie later with Leslie Caron and, I'm pretty sure, Horst Buchholz. It's very romantic and melodic (Harold Rome) and I had a wonderful time, thank you.

Rehearsal tomorrow night, sleeping late tomorrow morning (because I cleaned my adorable little bottom off all day, thank you).

And a very good evening to you!

Love, Wendy

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Carolyn said...

I am SO PROUD to be friends with someone who can write (and spell) resuscitate with with ease! It's not surprising, but prideful.
Best 'o luck with your coming storm!
Or is it already there? I'm having trouble keeping track.