Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi, Guess Who's Back!

I wish I had a madly glamorous reason for having disappeared like that, but unfortunately, what happened is that I was flat on my back with the flu from hell. I found this deeply annoying. Well, first of all, it's annoying to have flu just in general. And then all the newspaper articles about this year's strain kept saying that the people least at risk were my age group. And thirdly, I haven't even had a bad cold in three or four years. Oh, yeah, a couple of days of feeling under the weather here and there, but nothing like this. Anyway, what with the chills, and the fever, and the (ongoing, damn it) cough...somehow a cheerful blog just didn't seem likely. And who wants to listen/read about somebody else's fever? Dull, dull, dull.

Actually, I haven't done anything interesting anyway (mostly because, you know, I had this flu). However, I am in a position to recommend movies, which is pretty rare because I tend to wait until they come on cable. But with my lovely largesse from SAG, I feel really up to date now.

First up, to get the thing out of the way. I wouldn't recommend Inglourious Basterds to a blind dog. It is sickeningly violent. The only good thing I can say about it is that Christophe Waltz, as the Nazi officer, richly deserves his Golden Globe and anything else he may win. He's a wonderful actor. As for the movie itself, it is nothing more than a celebration of blood and gore and horrendous cruelty. Ugh.

Up In The Air: Oh, come on. What's not to like? We've got George Clooney here. I enjoyed the hell out of it...perhaps more so as it has some interesting twists that startled me in what I assumed was going to be your basic romantic comedy. It's great fun to watch, and most certainly doesn't end the way you think it will.

Precious: See it. It is NOT easy watching, but it's absolutely worth it. As in Christophe Waltz, above, MoNique deserves everything they can award to her - she's amazing. And Gabourey Sidonie (which may or may not be the right spelling) is superb. The whole movie is spectacularly good, and so is everyone in it. And bizarrely, it's very hopeful.

I still haven't watched An Education or Julie and Julia, because of the damn flu...I couldn't focus on anything without getting a splitting headache.

In other news, I seem to be meeting with a real estate agent in the next week or so, so things are moving right along there. Now that the holidays are over, I'm getting really itchy about getting out of here and starting the next phase of my life. Naturally, people are jumping in on me...Sarah and the gang were sitting around the other night telling me I absolutely couldn't decorate the way I wanted to because it wouldn't go with the couch, or some damn thing...personally I think a black leather couch will go with anything I choose to throw at it, and anyway, whose apartment is it? And the whole thing is kind of wildly the hell do I know how I'm going to decorate until I see WHAT I'm going to decorate? For all I know, I could walk in the door of my new place and it could immediately demand mid-Victorian, or high 1960's camp, or Second Empire French. The places I've been seeing online seem to be modern bland white boxes, which I can throw anything at, but when I start working with a broker, I know I'll see other types of places. Anyway, the couch stays.

I'm still transcribing, at least for this coming week. I'm about to finish a German gent who speaks beautiful English, and the next and (last) one is either American or British, so a quickie...and then I am free to submit for more film work and study my script for the one woman. Oh, yeah, and clean this joint. The other reason the flu annoyed me is that I had just started on a thorough clearout of my bedroom (which is the place in the house where all things go to die), and it's just been sitting there looking even worse than usual for two weeks. Growl.

Meanwhile, Joshua called from Thailand and is still trying to move back in with me. This is going to happen as soon as I become 25 again.

Love, Wendy

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