Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walmart - The Family Store

I just had to get this down before I forgot about it again.

I saw a commercial for Walmart that says that it costs $45 to take a family of four out to dinner. This causes me to assume that these people are eating at McDonald's, of course, or something of that nature. Well, they'd have to be, wouldn't they?

The commercial goes on to breathlessly announce that if you bought one of Walmart's frozen entrees and ate at home just once a month, you'd save $475 a year! (Or some such figure.)

Are there people like that? Who take the family to McDonald's or KFC or something EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for dinner? Good God.

Meanwhile, as I'm housecleaning my brain here, I spent New Year's weekend watching the Lord of the Rings - all of it. TNT had it on, one movie each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I must say, I admire the scope and vision of the whole thing - what a monumental undertaking! (And what thousands of background actors.) And it was quite fun to watch. But...seeing it more or less all at once like that made me really, really tired of orcs. And battle scenes. And oh, my heavens, those movies are long. But I did it! There's a New Year's resolution for you. I am going to spend a total of something like 12 hours watching orcs fight. I don't know...somehow I feel it lacks gravitas.

But tomorrow's movie watching will be much more fun. My nice union (Screen Actors Guild) has their awards coming up, for which I vote, as a member. And to make sure I vote correctly, nice people are sending me movies - free. Today I opened my mail and found Up in the Air, which is tomorrow's treat. Upcoming are Precious and Inglourious Basterds and a couple more. Yay, SAG!

And the tree is down, the ornaments are packed away, and now all that has to be done is getting rid of the New Year's Eve decorations - my kid is great at putting things up and lousy at appearing to take them down again. Then I can go back to cleaning the house for sale...sheesh.

But I've got work tomorrow and Friday, unfortunately not the movies, but the transcription stuff. Also unfortunately, this interviewee, I found out today, is Chinese with a slightly offbeat grasp of English...and the tape is 40 minutes longer than the others I've done. Ouch. Ah,'s all money in the bank, right?

Love, Wendy


SaintTigerlily said...

Ugh, taking the decorations down is the worst part. The worst. I always just try to keep focused on 2010 holiday me and how much she will appreciate beautifully packed away stuff...but it isn't easy.

Beth said...

Lucky. I wish my job let me watch and vote on movies. Happy New Year. Write about what you thought of the movies you get to watch.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well.
Miss your missives!
Texas Beth