Friday, February 19, 2010

Tape Measures

Well, today my handsome real estate person Richard came over with a lovely guy named Doug and they proceeded to run all over my house with a tape measure to make a floor plan of it. Doug was also a lovely guy (though not a young looker like Richard), so we all had a lovely time listening to me explain that yes, at some point we really ARE going to take all those hearts and stars off the ceiling. Maybe. When I can get someone to haul out the ladder and do it, that is. As we all know by now, I am having a TON of trouble calling in all those offers of help made when I first said I was going to sell the house. However, Caesar has confirmed this coming Wednesday, and tomorrow night I am going to haul myself out to Williamsburg and completely upset Seth's (Sarah's boyfriend) birthday party by leaping on everybody able bodied, wrestling them to the floor, and not letting them up until they promise to come over on Wednesday TO HAUL OUT THE DAMN FURNITURE. And make them sign a pledge - in blood. Me to supply the baked ziti, of course.

Since Caesar isn't coming over tonight, and therefore I don't have anyone to feed but myself, I'm sitting here getting progressively hungrier and wondering what I want for dinner. I'm wavering between Chinese and pizza, neither one of which will be very good because our good Chinese places (both of them) have closed and so did our across the street pizza joint. This means that I'm stuck with either the cheap Chinese joint over on Christopher or Domino's...ah, wait. Vicky just mentioned curry. Now there's a thought...

Meanwhile, rehearsal again last night, exhausting as usual. But Ted and Philippe love my notion for the end of the show (no, I'm not going to tell you...I'll post the video or if you're in town, you can come see it), which is good.

I had every intention of getting to one of my upstairs closets, which contains more of Sarah's damn stuffed animals and God knows what else (it's hard to see under all those stuffed animals), but I just couldn't make myself do it. Not after watching all those Olympics last night, anyway. And wow! The Americans finally won men's figure skating gold! I happen to be a fan of figure skating, and really, it got depressing...every time you saw a Russian get on the ice for a while there, you just said, oh, well, that's the gold. And it was. But this was great to watch, and since it was live, you got to see our guy Evan when he read the scores and suddenly realized that he had won the gold. It was wonderful!

Ah, well. Time to look through my menus and decide what to eat...last night after rehearsal I was so tired that I had sardines on crackers for dinner, but tonight I really would like an actual meal.

Love, Wendy

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