Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making A Mess

So I ordered some Chinese food to eat before Glee, and ate the hell out of it, and then decided to put the leftovers in the icebox. While doing so, I managed not to notice that the sweet and sour sauce for my pork was not quite covered tightly...yecch. All down the front of the sink, all over the floor, and have you any idea how terminally STICKY that sauce is? I even managed to get some of it in my hair, which I thought was a neat trick.

Other things. Pete Wells on The Standard in today's NYTimes - complaining because he didn't get any sugar for his espresso. Sugar? For his espresso? To me, this feels like someone complaining that they didn't get the whipped cream for their steak. ARE there people who put sugar in espresso? (No use asking me, since I drink all coffee absolutely black.)

Finally caught up with last week's Glee on good old Hulu. Boy, do I love this show...Fame without the silliness.

Also in today's NYTimes food section, what looks like a wonderful recipe for scallops with brown butter and capers...I'll eat ANYTHING with capers. (Only not espresso.)

Stayed in all day doing Joshua's packing - he insists that he can't deal with tape. Yeah, you heard that...he can't deal with tape. I have bowed to the inevitable, and am busy doing all his work for him. But then, I'm the one who wants him out of the damn house.

Meanwhile, Vicky and Sarah decided to dye their hair last night. Vicky merely did her roots so that she's platinum blonde all over now, but Sarah elected to dye a chunk of her hair in the back bright pink. I got the sink clean, but I simply couldn't face my (bright pink) bathtub. Tomorrow is soon enough - if Joshua wants to shower, he can jolly well get into the tub with the damn Ajax. Which is only poetic justice, since I invariably have to clean up after HIM when he dyes HIS hair. Sheesh. You know, I feel there's a reason that there's a waiting period with hair dye - it's so you can CLEAN UP THE DAMN SINK. And the shower curtain. And in Joshua's case, the wall. How he manages to smear dye on the wall is somewhat beyond me, but he manages.

The audition went well, I thought, although I haven't heard anything about it. At least they laughed in the right places, which is nice.

OK. Hour long hiatus there while I watched this week's Glee, which featured the one and only Kristin Chenoweth playing an aging drunk...God, I love her. I must say, this works out very well. Just when Rescue Me goes on hiatus for the winter, Glee comes on! This means I can watch television once a week year round. Yeah, well, I'm not much of a television person...old movies are about it. And Joshua, bless his ghastly little soul, has finally quit playing with me and announced he's leaving the monster HDTV in the den! YAY! He's been dithering back and forth with this for months now...he was going to sell it, then he was going to put it in storage, then he was going to give it to someone (like, not me). He has finally done the right thing, and as soon as he gets the hell out of here, we can have great Glee parties in the den. YAHOO!

Well, having had a nice blather about absolutely nothing (I'm the Seinfeld of blogs), I am going to finish my beer while playing solitaire and go to bed.

Love, Wendy

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Anonymous said...

Yea! I had decided you had killed Joshua and stuffed him in a closet... was hating the thought of emailing you in jail... hard to put file in email:)
Can sympathize with house folks making a mess for someone else to clean up. Where did we go wrong leading them to believe we ENJOY cleaning! Arg... At least my son has grown out of his florescent phase.
Texas Beth