Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here I Am Again!

I haven't been blogging because, to be perfectly frank, my life has been so excruciatingly dull that I can't stand it. And I just wasn't going to inflict said blahness on you, my loyal readers. (You are all deeply loyal, aren't you? Of course you are.)

However, life has (to an extent, anyway) revved up a tiny, tiny bit. I have done absolutely NOTHING since getting my damned plate fixed until tonight. Sarah's pal Vicky came in from LA to do a job here in NY for a couple of months, so naturally she'll stay here...well, really, I can't have members of the family (all of our friends are adopted family) couch surfing when I have a perfectly good bed for her.

So Shai turned up this afternoon to wait for Sarah and Vicky, then Sarah turned up, then Vicky turned up from the airport...and the kids decided that we should all get something to eat and go eat it on the High Line.

This was fine with me, since I had never been up there, and I must say it's quite lovely. I'm planning to go back mid-week (the Sunday of Labor Day weekend is NOT the time to go). We got some nice Thai food at a Meat Market restaurant that actually has affordable food ($10 for pad thai with chicken and shrimp...oddly noted on the menu as "pad thai, ch and sh"...ah, the inscrutable East.

I had found out via my pal Caesar that our friend Mark was bartending on Sunday nights in the neighborhood, so we then repaired to Greenwich Avenue to have a few drinks with Mark (well, poor Shai, who had had to get up at 4 am to get to work, didn't join us), but our friends Michael and Alain did.

Anyway, it's a nice bar, and we all had a lovely time, and I was glad to see our Mark (who, in common with what sometimes seems to be the immediate world) had lived with us for a while.

Actually, Mark and I were married for a month. (Pause here for gasps of shock and awe...or, you know, yawns, whichever suits your fancy).

Matthew (my late husband) and I and Sarah had gone to Key West many years back, and when we got back, I was casting Hamlet. We had had some truly lovely escargot in Key West, and when we got back we went to a little French joint on 10th Street (long gone, rest its soul...we LOVED that restaurant), because we wanted more snails. Anyway, I was producing Hamlet, and playing Gertrude (also doing the am I possible?), and I truly needed a Claudius who could match with me...and there we were, sitting in Chez Ma Tante, when our waiter...a big, burly blond...came over and said in the most gorgeous voice, "May I take your order?"

I hired him on the spot. Literally. And he played Claudius to my Gertrude, and that's how we were married for a month...the run of the show. Um, duuhhh.

Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon and evening, and I still have Labor Day (i.e., tomorrow) to recover from same before I get up at some bizarre hour of the morning on Tuesday to do a temp job from 7:45 am until 11 or something. I have been hired to help some damn woman who's too rich for her own good to make phone calls to get applications for her child to get into a prestigious preschool for what I assume must be NEXT September...i.e., 2010. She has hired SIX people to sit for four hours on the telephone to do this. I think she is NUTS. But...the silly bitch is paying me. WEIRD.

Anyway, I've had a lovely afternoon and evening. And how was yours? And, before I forget, Texas Beth, I tried that site, and they had nothing, but I did finally find one blue blouse and a nice beige camisole. Thanks for the suggestion! And I STILL want to hear about your troubles getting out of NY!

Love, Wendy

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so flattered you remembered our return trip from hell. I'll try to give you the "Cliff Notes" because it's really not an interesting story and it was loooong!!
Our original flight was cancelled "due to weather"... but never knew where said weather was?? Spent the night at JFK Terminal 4, since Delta terminal closes at 11:00 and we were told by security that is was not safe! Not very reassuring. Next flight, which was stand-by, had no seats... imagine that. We were then booked for flight (non-stop to DFW) for the next day. So we got a room by airport... slept and had an incredible meal delivered from neighborhood Italian joint. Caught flight which proceded to take us to Detroit! and were asked (along with an elderly Iranian man that only spoke Arabic) to get off plane and when we said, but we're going to Dallas, were told well this plane is not! Got off, booked ANOTHER flight to DFW and spent night in freezing Detroit terminal, feeding poor little confused man Twizzlers and Slim Jims. It was all quite pitiful... Especially me trying to explain to fellow where we were, (he just kept saying Dallas!? Dallas!?) and proceded to draw USA map which looked like a pig with a very large penis (that would be Florida:). Finally caught flight home and introduced myself to little man's family, who were frantic... they had come to the airport every day for 4 days and had no idea where he was, but that he was very sick and needed his medication... at which time I was hoping I hadn't poisoned him with Twizzlers. At any rate, I have a whole new respect for the displaced... it can happen to anyone, at anytime. And as Dorothy told Toto, "I will never leave Kansas again!" Thank you for asking.
Texas Beth