Monday, September 28, 2009

In Recovery

Well, my, my, my.

I ended up being 15 minutes late for the 6:30 am shoot on Thursday for The Other Guys (which annoys me because I'm ALWAYS early), but then it did get somewhat drunk at Sarah's farewell party (yeah, yeah, I know that was dumb with a shoot in the morning).

Luckily the shoot was in Chinatown, so I leaped out of bed and into my jeans in one smooth movement and grabbed a cab...after which I stood on my poor hungover feet for 12 hours while Will Farrell ran over a dummy on the street. This was not terribly interesting after the first 1700 times, but that's the movies for you!

But lo and behold, while we were all at lunch, some of the gang said they just been called by Grant Wilfley for a Law & Order, so I checked my phone...and there was indeed a call from GW, but for something called The Beaver for the very next day. Up I got at 3:30 am on Friday to catch a 5:30 am location van for White Plains, and spent a large chunk of the day being a cafeteria lady (standing at a counter full of canned sliced peaches, which looked increasingly less appetizing as the day wore on) in White Plains High School, in a lovely gray polo shirt and burgundy smock. Standing friggin' up AGAIN. This was directed by Jodie Foster, who, in case this interests you, is TINY. I think she's shorter than I am, and couldn't weigh more than about 97 pounds.

They wrapped us at about 3 in the afternoon, but then they brought the van around and dumped us at the Harrison, NY MetroNorth Station, which I assure you caused a LOT of snarling. Yes, of course we're getting reimbursed for it, but if you van us from NYC, then you can damn well van us BACK to NYC. We amused ourselves by inventing various scenarios by which we could make the transportation time run into Golden Time, but we're all nice little background people, so we didn't put any of the schemes into practice. Golden Time, by the way, is the Holy Grail for background people - it happens when a shoot goes over 16 hours. After that, you get a FULL DAY'S PAY for every hour or fraction thereof over 16. Several people got it for Boardwalk Empire - not me, damn it.

Anyway, I eventually got home and, after falling asleep at the kitchen table with my head on the New York Times, I went to bed at some absurdly early hour and slept until 11 am Sunday.

Today I went out and got madly frustrated looking for things I wanted to buy that didn't seem to exist. Could someone tell me exactly when all trench coats decided to be knee length or above? I mean, I was at Burlington Coat Factory, for God's sake, where I've always had terrific luck with any kind of coat...but nothing below the knee. If I wanted a jacket, I was fine, but no decent mid-calf length trench coats. Growl.

Ah, well. I've got two nice checks coming, plus the little scrap from the temp job, so what am I complaining about?

Now I'm going to bed because I have an actual theatre audition tomorrow - it sounds interesting. It's a radio play - three ghost stories linked together - and it's going to be podcast. Never let it be said that Mother doesn't keep up with new technology. Besides, it's with the Naked Angels company, and I've always wanted to do something with them because they're really good. Let us pray.

Love, Wendy


Anonymous said...

Wendy, has a long/belted trench coat for $79.
At your service:)
Texas Beth

wendyfromencore said...

Beth, you're the greatest! I'm on my way to the site now. Many, many thanks!

Love, Wendy