Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Triumphant Hunter Returns From The Hunt

Woo-hoo! I don't believe it. After all this time (well, OK, maybe three weeks), I have finally achieved what I wanted.

Today I went out on a last ditch hunt for the damn tops for my new suits and for a new raincoat. I decided to try Housing Works Thrift Shop right around the corner from me, since they were on the way to where I was going. And there it was, just sitting there on the rack waiting for me...a $300 Jones New York classic trench coat, mid-calf length, in a very dark navy with a zipout lining. IN SIZE PETITE 8! FOR $50!

Luckily the store is staffed by a lot of gay men, so they enjoyed the hell out of my little victory dance...I mean, I don't think I could have gotten away with that in Saks.

Flushed with success, I trotted off to Filene's Basement in Union Square - and promptly scored the shells I've been looking for all over town. One in pale blue (not a color that's in fashion this season, I've discovered, and is therefore im-fuckin'-possible to find), one lovely turtleneck shell in pale gray, and one scoop neck shell in sort of an eggplant color, because it'll work beautifully with my new gray pantsuit. I, of course, would wear black, red, or white with the gray pantsuit, but I've never been called for background work ever without their saying, "No black, red or white." This is because they stand out too much...but no one can complain about eggplant, can they?

I felt so great about the whole thing that I promptly bought a ham. Oh, gee...does that sound weird? Well, yes, it does. The point is that Joshua's birthday is tomorrow, and if you don't mark the occasion he whines unendurably (not a pretty sight in someone who hits 62 tomorrow, I assure you). Well, he's busy packing (or I am) to leave - so I'm damned if I'm going to get him one more thing to pack. Not to mention the fact that I have neither the money be frank...the inclination to buy him elaborate birthday presents. But he loves my justifiably famous honey-mustard ham. So happy damn birthday. (Anyway, I love ham too and the cook gets to eat some.)

Oh, I am so glad that I finally found that stuff! I hate to shop. I love to wander in and look at things, but if I want something and can't find it, like the raincoat and the tops for the suits, I get hideously tired and frustrated. My clothing needs are really quite basic (I mean for real life as opposed to background work), and I'm used to going into one of my two or three favorite stores (that would be Old Navy and H&M in general, and Burlington Coat Factory and Syms for suits and coats) and just finding the black skirt I need, buying it and leaving. I purely detest having to crawl through racks and piles of stuff trying to find that elusive something. Bleaaahhh. Oh, SYMS! Damn, I'm glad I mentioned that...they're the place to find a decent jewel tone cocktail dress (background work again), I'll bet. But NOT NOW. Right now I never want to see another store as long as I live.

Meanwhile, my stage audition people haven't called, Grant Wilfley hasn't called...nobody loves me. Waaaah.

Love, Wendy

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