Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Whole New World

I friggin' hate this computer. I had just gotten toward the end of a deeply felt and truly fascinating blog when this bloody awful iMac ate the whole damn thing. AAaRRRRggggHHHH!

So let's try again.

Wasn't our boy wonderful? No, no, fools...I don't mean that "boy" pejoratively. I mean it in the sense that he is, in fact, young enough to be my son. Admittedly, I would have been 16, but as we all know to our sorrow, children are being born to mothers younger than that every day.

What a speech. Nothing sugar coated, nothing but a prescription for hard work...and the wonderful feeling that he trusted us enough to get on with it and do him proud. Oh, yeah. And didn't Michelle look gorgeous?

Tomorrow I am off to Social Security to unconfuse them about my birthdate (birth certificate in hand). I see from today's mail that I will also have to unconfuse them about my name, since
they seem to have thrown my maiden name into my current name where it doesn't belong. God knows, I've had many names in my time, however. But for the purposes of Social Security, at the moment, I've only got one, which isn't the one under which I appear in their latest communique. By the way, it fascinates me, in a somewhat creepy sense, that when I spoke with Social Security on the phone and explained about the birthday transposition (they have me as March 13, and I'm March 31), the nice lady (a Ms. Miner) told me "Oh, yes, I see. Our office made that mistake in 1988." She then proceeded to tell me that I had to collect all my ID and go to the SS office and fill out a form to correct the mistake.

Um, excuse me? You have just told me that YOU made the mistake and that you see exactly where and when it was made, and I have to do all this to correct it? Sheesh.

Oh, well. It's a glorious day anyway.

Love, Wendy

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