Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, Please...

While continuing my search for a laptop (thanks to those who replied - I appreciate the feedback!), I ran across two stories that are just wonderful...and show that even in our grim economic days, people are still going delightfully insane.

One story was on CNN, and it featured Joe Francis (as in Girls Gone Wild) and Larry Flynt (as in Hustler Magazine) asking the government for a bailout for the porn industry. I just love this. Presumably, people are so broke that these guys feel that they're no longer going to spend money on lap dances, and therefore they should be compensated for their loss of business. I think this is terrific. Never let it be said that people won't push and shove their way into whatever trough of money seems to be available. I think we should all support these brave gents in keeping the world safe for all those odd and furtive looking men I see going in and out of what remains of the sex shops on Eighth Avenue...they're people too! (I guess...)

And over on 1010 Wins, my choice for local news, there is the heartwarming story of the bride and groom of some years ago who married, and then he donated a kidney to his new wife. Well, the bloom is off the rose here, evidently, since they are in the middle of a nasty divorce, and the husband has decided that he wants his kidney back. I'm serious. He wants his kidney back. This is really the basis for a wonderful one act play.

She: I'm keeping the Cuisinart; you never used it anyway. You never cooked!

He: OK, but I get all the unused cans of chili.

She: Fine, you're welcome to them. I'm keeping the Rolling Stones CD's, but you can have all the Voyager ones and all that lousy hip hop crap.

He: Hey, don't knock hip hop. Oh, and by the way, I'm taking my kidney back.

I can just see this. It'll be the farce of the century. (I must say, though, that on this guy's behalf, he says he'll settle for $1.5 million. Hell, so would I. I mean what on earth would he do with the damn kidney anyway? Saute it in white wine with mushrooms? Can you put them back once they're out?)

Just another lovely day in la-la land.

Love, Wendy

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