Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Alive - Honest!

It's just that it's sometimes difficult to get on the computer - that's aside from the fact that I hate Macs anyway.

Of course, I have absolutely nothing to report other than the fact that closets have floors. You have no idea what bizarre things I seem to have been keeping in there. One thing - or several things, actually - that went was a collection of kung fu movies left by our friend Jeremy many years back. When I tell you that Jeremy is A. married, B. the father of two children, and C. living in Michigan...well, you too will begin to wonder why these things were still on the floor of my closet. (Unless, of course, you understand my housekeeping system, which tends very much to "If you can shut a door on it, it isn't there.")

Tonight's collection of things that went out included a whole lot of clothing, like a red suit I haven't worn in something like four years because it felt so out of date (but I might have needed it for something - God knows what) and some blouses which would have buttoned fine on somebody else without my impressive frontage...stuff like that. And some well-meaning, if bizarre, contributions from a friend of mine who is always bringing things to me. Some of them can be divine (there's a wonderful velvet skirt I just love), but some of them are just terrible (such as the three piece Indian outfit - East Indian, I mean).

And now I'm going to indulge myself by watching the beginning of American Idol. I never watch any of the rest of American Idol - once everybody gets all prettied up, it's no fun any more. I prefer to watch the original rounds, with all those self-deluded people, because I am deeply cruel and it's funny as hell. So sue me. They're the ones who insisted on trying to be on television, after all, so I figure that makes them fair game. If they were performing at, say, the local church, I'd be terribly sad and embarrassed for them, but not if they decide they should be on TV against all sanity.

Now I shall go to the ladies' room, play some more solitaire, and then trot upstairs for the giggle fest.

And one last word - a wonderful thing has happened in my house (no, Joshua's not gone yet). I thought our dryer had died altogether, but it turns out that it was just resting for some reason. So I'm going to have clean underwear tomorrow without having to go to the laundromat in 20 degree weather! Imagine my delight.

Love, Wendy

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