Saturday, July 5, 2008


Would somebody please try to explain to me what on earth goes on in men's minds? I have been wondering about this because one of the people I saw last Saturday was a man I absolutely adore, whom I saw every single Saturday night for quite some time, who just suddenly decided he didn't want to see me again. I have never had a satisfactory explanation for this one. (I had an explanation, of sorts - but I assure you it wasn't in the least satisfactory). He wouldn't answer phone calls or emails, and I eventually quit trying because it obviously had no effect on him and just made me crazy. However, every time he sees me (which isn't exactly frequent, but since we know all the same people, it does happen), he greets me with huge hugs and kisses and is obviously thrilled to spend time in my company. We were not, by the way, even having an affair together - just being friends who hung out together every weekend. And there's no other woman. And he's still delighted to see me. WTF?

The other man I always think of in the context of what the hell goes on their heads is a guy I was with long before I met Sarah's father. This gent and I WERE sharing a bed, and we used to go up to this great A-frame house he had in a tiny little town in Pennsylvania. You know, curl up in front of the fireplace and watch the snow - all that good romantic stuff. And he introduced me to all his friends around town, and every time we were up there he'd say things like, "Do you ever think you could really live in a small town like this?" And, "All my friends think you're just great." And, "Are you sure you wouldn't miss New York?"

He then decided to give up his NYC job and apartment and move permanently to Pennsylvania. At which point, when I asked (logically enough), "Well, what about us?", he answered, "What made you think we were going together?" HUH?

You would think that someone like me, whose friends are almost entirely male, would have some sort of handle on this stuff by now, but no...I'm still left going, "What in hell are they THINKING?"

Other than that, I am going out to spend more money tomorrow, and that will be the end of my shopping spree, because I hate being broke. Today I went to the Strand, which is a place into which I should never set foot, and bought a couple more books (oh, yeah - just what I need) and I found a buy one get one half off sale at Payless (I was slightly worried about this, because for a minute there I thought I'd end up with only three shoes), which got me the red ballet flats I wanted and also a pair of wedges, which I've always wanted to try. Given the sale, they were 7.60...which means if I hate them I can get rid of them without guilt.

I wanted the red patent ballet flats because it occurred to me that while that black and white checked dress looked great with its self-belt and black flats last weekend, I bet it would also look great with red flats and a red belt. So far I haven't found the red belt, but I'm looking.

Tomorrow's purchase is going to be a new stove, because I can afford it and because mine is really on its last legs. PC Richards has a sale - a Tappan range - self-cleaning, tra-la! - for just about 400 bucks, and I'm getting really nervous that our old one will blow up on me.

And then I will settle down and become a nice quiet lady who saves her money and sits home making little stuffed animals for amusement. Riiigghhht.

Love, Wendy

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