Monday, July 28, 2008

Loose Ends

I just realized that there were a lot of things I intended to do the last couple of days that I sort of left hanging, but blogged about anyway. I will now make amends.

Last Saturday (i.e., day before yesterday), I did indeed go to the street fair, although I didn't have a sausage sandwich because my stomach decided to do some exceedingly strange things right after I ate all those zeppole. Anyway, the Lucy's truck wasn't there, and I try to eat Lucy's whenever possible because they're the best (I think their grease has been going for about 40 years now). I did, however, manage to drop into the Partners in Crime murder mystery bookshop and buy a couple of books - which I couldn't afford and couldn't resist. One was the new Jasper fforde - and you have to read Jasper fforde. He writes the Thursday Next series and the nursery crime series, and if you have not read him, it is a necessity. If you can imagine a cross between Lawrence Sterne (as in Tristam Shandy) and Terry Pratchett, you'd sort of be there. Fair warning - if you're not an omnivorous reader, you may miss stuff. I'm addicted to him - also, they're funny as shit.

I also bought In the Woods, which I've been hearing about and hearing about. Boy, is that ever worth it. I frankly blew off all of Sunday because I could not put the thing down. It is amazing.

And I didn't go to the agency call, because I went back to the listing and discovered that this agency has a monthly call to which I am going a week from Wednesday (first Wednesday of the month). I'm sorry - evidently, even though no one will call me for a job, I still have a 9 to 5 mindset, which means that doing ANYTHING on a Saturday involving work just feels wrong. Unless, of course, it's an actual job that people are paying me for...duh.

So now all the loose ends are neatly tucked away.

Love, Wendy

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