Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stupid Weather

I think the weather was stupid because it didn't do what it said it would do, which caused me to sit on my balcony reading for the entire day and get nothing done.

Perhaps I should explain this. I happen to be a thunderstorm nut. I love, love, love thunderstorms. Not only that, but they energize me - ozone from the lightning maybe? No, please don't all jump at once and give me scientific explanations of why this isn't right, because I will react precisely the same way I do to technological explanations, which is to go into my happy bubble and sing quiet little songs to myself until people quit explaining things to me.

Anyway. So the only damn thing the weather did today was to have one brief downpour (I originally typed brie downpour, which is an EXCELLENT idea) while I was in the kitchen, which was fairly useless because I happened to be eating, and by the time I had finished, so had that anemic little bit of rain with its one paltry rumble of thunder. This is not a thunderstorm, this is a tease.

But the weather forecast kept talking about strong thunderstorms, so I spent the day sitting out there waiting for them...and they never occurred. And therefore I achieved absolutely nothing today except reading and managing to make my bottom fall asleep, which is an extremely weird sensation.

Meanwhile, I have decided to drop out of a show I got cast in. I realize this will sound deeply strange to anyone who knows me (I do not normally drop out of shows), but there are several good reasons for it.

1. It is a membership company which wants to me pay $75 a month for the privilege of being in the show.

2. The show is double-cast, and I get three performances.

3. The show is also going up in Los Angeles, and the LA cast has been told that if they want to come to NY and repeat their parts, they may do so - see only three performances, above.

This is silly. You want me to pay you for the privilege of doing three performances with the threat of someone from LA turning up to do my role which I have to share with someone else to begin with? And while I like the play and the role, I hardly like it THAT much. Oh, and it isn't going up until late September, so I have to pay them $75 a month from now until October for three lousy performances. I don't think so.

Of course, given the way my luck has been running, it'll probably transfer to Broadway, but I STILL don't think it's worth my time. It's definitely not worth my money. Oh, wait. I don't have a spare $75 a month anyway. That solves that, now doesn't it?

Frankly, having made that decision, I'm quite relieved - this was going to turn out to be one of those companies that won't let you get on with it without playing theatre games and doing trust exercises and all that happy horseshit which one grows out of real quick. Save that for school, for heaven's sake. I'm WAY too old and experienced for it. So there.

So aside from hunting about for a new straight temp agency and taking any whacko job my crazy lady gets me, I guess I'll go back to auditioning for stuff.

Oh, and I think I've just upped my typing speed considerably - or anyhow, I'm about to. Sitting here typing has made me figure out one of the major problems with my typing, which is that I've been so excited about my long, long Dragon Lady nails (you have no idea how thrilling this is for a lifelong down to the first knuckle nail biter), it never occurred to me that I can't type properly with them. So tomorrow I am going to engage in some drastic clipping and filing. Hey, my life is one long thrill.

However, I do get what looks like it's going to be a pretty spectacular meal tomorrow - Sarah and I are going to Dovetail! It got a great review in the Times, and I can't wait!

Love, Wendy

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SaintTigerlily said...

No explaining, I swear. But - my mom says that thunderstorms, mountains and large bodies of water emit something she calls "negative ions" and if your body is made up a certain way, these negative ions are energizing. A theory.