Friday, May 2, 2008

Memo to Self - Go Home Earlier, Damn It!

Yes, well, you see before you the wreck of what was once a woman. Last night's art installation thing sort of turned into a party and then went on doing so. First we sat around in the art installation (the "Waiting Room" was the piece, and that's what we were doing for four hours). Then the show finished at 9 pm, at which point some damn fool went out and bought rather a lot of beer, and then we went over to Peter McManus, an elderly Chelsea bar, and then...

I'm not feeling too well today - actually, that's wrong. I feel like death today. I have now consumed several Tylenol and a couple of therapeutic beers, and for some reason my lack of appetite totally disappeared for the first time in over a week, leaving me absolutely ravenous. Unfortunately I don't do absolutely ravenous quite right (you know, like normal people who decide what they're going to eat and then eat the hell out of it) I kept eating things and then deciding that I'd had enough and going to do something else (like napping). Then I would find that I was starving again and go eat a little bit of something else, then I'd decide that it wasn't quite what my body was telling me to eat...and due to the fact that my entire paycheck this week was a whopping $145, I didn't really feel that I could do what I wanted to do, which was order up a lot of sashimi and wolf that down. Why sashimi always seems to be good for a hangover is beyond me...I think it must be the fact that it's easy to eat and packs a huge protein wallop. I would, in fact, have gotten the sashimi (yes, I know everyone else in the whole world eats sushi, but for some reason I don't care for it - but boy, do I ever love sashimi) except that I have to go out and pick up a prescription tomorrow, and it's the most expensive one. Last time I got it the bill came to $87 bucks and change. 87 from 145 does NOT leave a sashimi margin. The other thing I considered was pizza, on account of the grease seems to sop up the leftover booze, but that was two blocks away and entailed getting dressed, which I assure you I had no intention of doing. So I ate some macaroni and cheese, and half a fairly bad Italian sub I got from the new deli, and just recently I finished the macaroni and cheese...maybe tomorrow I'll get another roll for the remains of the sub sandwich because it's sitting in the icebox, and I can't eat them the second day because the bread gets nasty and soggy from the oil and vinegar. If I pick up a Kaiser roll in the morning when I get the papers, I can put the ingredients on some nice fresh bread that isn't soggy. This is about the most in the way of intelligent thought I've been able to come up with all day.

And just to fill my cup of delight to the brim, one of the cats just threw up hugely on the rug right behind me. When one's innards are feeling slightly disturbed, this is not a useful thing for a cat to do. Particularly since I've never been able to train them to clean up after themselves.

I think I should lie down now...possibly for about a week.

Love, Wendy

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SaintTigerlily said...

Sounds like you had a channel five. Before I was born my parents evidently liked eachother enough to party like crazy together. If they had a really bad hangover, they used to call it a "Channel Five" because they would get a big pitcher of water, some ice cold beers and watch Channel five which was the black and white classic movie channel. Nothing says recovery like Cary Grant. And a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.