Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh, Well

I just noticed that I've been going on at great length about these damn computer tests. I don't mean to, but aside from the fact that I hate them with an unholy passion, they absolutely terrify me. I tend to lose every single bit of computer knowledge I ever had, and my computer smarts are WAY better than I think they are.

I mean, I can walk into an audition with a roaring hangover and without having looked at my monologue for more than five minutes on the subway, and get away with it...why the HELL can't I do the same thing with these tests? I know perfectly well how to do the better part of these things...

Argggh. Wish me luck.

Love, Wendy (whose brain is going "To manually mark Table of Contents, place your cursor between the end of the..." - riiighhht.)

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