Monday, March 10, 2008


I got me some money! Well, actually, this only looks like money to someone who's been as broke as I am - and anyway it's mostly already spent spent on bills. But still...

My Federal tax refund came today - a whole $435.66 - and I am going to par-tay! This means that I'm going to 1. finally finish paying off my tab at the corner deli; 2. send $21.12 to AT&T, which they've handed over to a collection agency - no, I can't figure this out either, since I wasn't even aware that I OWED AT&T $21.12. But I figure if they spent the money to hire a collection agency to get it, I might as well send it to them, whatever it's for; 3. I'm gonna go hogwild at Duane Reade and buy a whole BOX of No Nonsense knee high panty hose because mine have all died (no, no, I DON'T wear them with skirts...ick); 4. I'm going to put something in my really tiny ING savings account; 5. GROCERIES! Lots and LOTS of groceries, like those neat cheap crabcakes from Trader Joe's; and 6. CHINESE FOOD! YAY!

Isn't this the most friggin' pathetic thing you ever heard? Hey, I may even go hogwild and buy a paperback book. Wow (don't laugh - do you know that they are now charging $10.99 for some mass market paperbacks?). I've been busy rereading everything in my library (which, thank God, is really extensive and has a lot of things in it that I like rereading) because I can't afford anything new. Oh, hey - I can also go back to the library and pay them for that damn book that I never returned because I couldn't find it - I found the book but it's so late now that the standard $26 the library charges for a non-returned hardcover is going to be cheaper than the late fees. And then I can go to the library every week again.

Wow! All of a sudden life is rosy again. I tell you, it takes very little to make me happy. Food to eat, books to read, knee-highs. (I'd like a sex life, but one can't have everything, I guess. And being too broke to go out anywhere kind of limits my options in terms of ever meeting anyone. Shit, we even have a female mailperson.)

And I've still got $200 or so coming from the State of New York!

Love, Wendy

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