Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Forgot The Best News!

We have actual streetlights at our corner now! You know, traffic lights? See, for years and years and years we had nothing at the corner of Charles and Washington, and since Washington is a direct route to the Holland Tunnel with few traffic lights or stop signs, you sometimes had to wait for ten minutes on your way home from work to get across the damn street.

Well, finally, a few years back, we got stop signs. This improved matters somewhat, but not enough, since most drivers around here consider a stop sign a suggestion, not a rule. So the only real improvement was that now you could usually cross the street after five minutes waiting time.

But now we have real traffic lights! However, this being the West Village, which is crawling with celebrities, our traffic lights say, Walk, Don't Walk, and Pose for Paparazzi.

Love, Wendy

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Sarah Booz said...

You forgot to mention that parents have been fighting for this street light since I was about nine. I don't believe it exists. I need to see it for myself.