Friday, March 21, 2008

Tired, Tired, Tired

Good Friday is a day when many people are out of the office (when Easter and Passover fall together, NOBODY is in the office). Therefore my day was even duller than usual - and that's almost impossible. I swear, I'm at the point of asking for a 97 page deposition to type. Anything to stay awake.

However, I have seen the first idiot of spring! Yes, yes, I do realize that we had 45 degree weather today with a 40 mile an hour wind, which isn't in the least springlike, but this idiot broad evidently read the calendar instead of the weather. And there she was, bopping down the street, with - are you ready? - the first flip-flops of spring. Bare blue legs, bare blue feet (but, naturally, a nice new pedicure). But by God, it's spring according to the calendar! Jeez Louise. Please God - don't let these people breed.

And in other news, people in various bits of the world are nailing themselves to crosses and whipping themselves in honor of Good Friday. You know, I kind of can't get my mind around any sort of God who would be evenly remotely pleased with this. "Hey! Hey! You down there! I made you in My image with a nice unbroken skin and a capacity for enjoyment and love! What the HELL are you doing with it?" Of course, I've always believed in a God with a sense of humor...I mean face it - have you ever seen a duck-billed platypus? You can't tell me that one was dreamed up by some solemn type with no comedy in His (or Her, if you prefer - I don't care, because what you believe is none of my business) soul.

I am going to bed because I can't think of anything at all sensible (or even idiotic) to say at the moment. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a nice, long, carefully reasoned and deeply intellectual post.

On the other hand, why start now?

Love, Wendy

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