Thursday, February 16, 2012

Warm and Dry...At Last!

What an absolutely lousy shoot on Law & Order today. 

We were called for 8:45 AM (for which thank God...the 5 AM calls are a little hard to take when it's this early in the year and you're wandering around Harlem in pitch blackness).  So I get to holding with a nice guy named Paul whom I met outside, since we arrived at the same time.  This was at 8:30...15 minutes early for the call.  We got our vouchers (to be filled out for paycheck purposes) and asked where Crafty (the food truck - it's called Craft Services) was.  The two background wranglers said they didn't know.  So we thought, well, they'll give us a breakfast break  soon...we'll just sit and fill out the vouchers.  Well, they didn't give us a break.  They made us wait, and when I finally went and said, Hey, it's 9 AM and I haven't eaten yet and I got up at 5 AM to get here, the girl said, "Well, Crafty is right by the train...why didn't you stop on the way?", it most certainly was not.  Turned out Crafty was on 127th Street, and the only way you could see it was by going two blocks out of your way.  Then she said we should have gotten there early if we wanted to eat, at which point we informed her that we HAD gotten there early and been told that she and her male cohort didn't know where Crafty WAS.  At which point she sneered at us...charming girl, just charming.

So some of us didn't get breakfast because this cute pair kept preventing people from going to Crafty.  Not just me and Paul, but other people as well.  Luckily there was a deli right at the set, so I just announced I was going in to get something to eat before I keeled over and didn't take no for an answer.

It rained all day and was in the 40s, and we were kept in two of the coldest holding pens I've ever been in, and of course when we did go out to shoot it was damp and cold.  And then, just to top things off, they wanted us to take the subway home, which is against the rules, on account of it's in our contract that if a shoot goes beyond 9 PM, we HAVE to be dropped off in a safe location.  Trust me...the subway at 125th Street is NOT a safe location at that time of night.  We quickly disabused them of this cute little idea and made them get a van and get us back into town (it was a small group).

What friggin' assholes...but really, I have been so cold and damp all day.  I'm just letting off steam here.

On the bright side, lunch was excellent, and I got a 12 hour day which included wet pay, one meal penalty, and some night shouldn't be a total loss.

I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to be wearing nice warm jammies, a nice warm bathrobe, and lovely, fuzzy, DRY slippers.

Love, Wendy

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