Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, I call that a great shoot on Boardwalk.

First of all, it was a gloriously late call...I didn't have to meet the van until 8 AM, which meant that I could take public transportation and save myself some money.  When I got there, I discovered that I was the only female background actor there, which was interesting...also it made me feel like a star, because I had my very own makeup gal (the sweet Asian gal who's done it many times before) and my very own waiting in line, no cramped dressing room with 60 other gals in it...and I also had my very own costume assistant to get me into that ghastly mustard and brown outfit.

So I got to eat about two-thirds of my breakfast before I was called to set, which is about par for the course.  But this being HBO, there was a nice fully stocked crafty right on'll never starve at HBO (are you listenng, Law & Order?).

I get to where I'm supposed to be (the second floor back porch of a house supposedly in Chicago in winter, but actually on our set at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn), and I suddenly realize that I'M THE ONLY ONE THERE.  Yup...FEATURED.  I had to come out the back door to the house, realize I was freezing, draw my shawl closely around my head, grab a couple of logs and go back in the house.  Just little old me.  There was action going on below me (passers-by, I think), because there was an action call before my action call, but from my angle I couldn't see what was going on.

But there I was, all alone, being directed, shooting far shots and closer star city, guys!  AND they kept asking me to slow down the I think I might even be visible for more than a second and a half.  I'm pretty sure this will be in the first episode of the season, whenever that's Episode 301, and this was only the second day of shotting for this season.

Unfortunately from the point of view of my paycheck, it was a short shoot...not quite six hours...but really, who cares?  And even better, Steve Buscemi came by while I was sitting on a break, and gave me a big hi, how are you grin!  Can I even begin to tell you how much I love my Boardwalk?

In other news, Time Warner Cable finally gave me a break today...I've been trying to get my old cable equipment back to them (Time Warner doesn't work in this building, so now I have Fios), but it's really a schlep from where I am.  So they've been calling me...but tonight a nice young man called and said he could come over and pick it up!  Which he promptly did, and now I don't have extinct cable boxes any more...isn't that nice?

And the Dweezil  cat damn near gave me a heart attack today.  I went to see Sarah at the Brooklyneer (where she works three days a week) because the shoot was over so early, and then I somehow ended up at the Bistro, and what with one thing and another I was feeling no pain by the time I got home (note to self: EAT SOMETHING, STUPID!).  I got up this morning and as the day wore on, I realized I hadn't seen Dweezil all day.  So I thought he might have gotten out between my legs last night as I was trying to remember how to open my front door or whatever I thought I was doing.  I looked in the closet where he likes to sleep and then started searching the entire house.  Then I started on the hallways in the whole building (because I couldn't find him anywhere), then finally I went and put a note on the lobby wall.  I was getting frantic by this time.  I came back in the apartment, and guess who strolled out of the bedroom yawning at me?  Thanks a lot, cat.  I have no idea where he'd been for the better part of the day.  I'm going to enter him for a hide and seek competition...surely there's a reality show for that?

Love, Wendy


Carolyn said...

You're a movie star! An HBO star. I know just one or two things about HBO, and you'd better watch out, because mostly on HBO, if they've seen you they have to kill you. BAM! (just saying)

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