Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Fine Costume They've Got Me In...

Oh, dear.  After a completely hellish last minute commute to Brooklyn...the crosstown 14D was filled with 200 teenagers, then stopped to pick up (and then drop off) two wheelchairs, the A train to Jay Street got stuck in a tunnel, and then the B57 bus took forever to come...I finally got out to Steiner Studios for my costume fitting (to be greeted with delight by Lisa, head of costumes, and Gus, the costume shop nice to be loved and remembered, although I think Gus was looking for a Milkbone).

I am to be an immigrant carrying wood...shoot date 2/22 (they predict rain, of course).  I will be wearing a long brown skirt, a very saggy brown checked blouse, a mustard colored cardigan and a large brown and gray scarf wrapped around my head and shoulders.  And of course, the requisite laced boots which take for-friggin'-ever to get on and off.  I will look just awful and downtrodden.  I don't think anyone in the world, up to and including Angelina Jolie, looks good in a mustard-colored anything.


Love, Wendy

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Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

congratulations Wendy! I couldn't be more delighted and you are one looks good in mustard. YOu make me laugh so!